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Inspired by a rather lackluster list from the Huffington Post (, I thought Id make my own. In no order. Feel free to add and subtract as you see fit.

and one more, because SHUTUPSHUTUPJUSTSHUTUP!

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by this time, average bandwith had improved to allow downloading music videos via file sharing to be pratical, that combined with music video DVDs becoming more common provided easier access to new videos (and Im sure that [ profile] bigbrother2084's music video nights helped alot as well). I also remember a brief resurgance in music videos on MTV as well.

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I dont know if this music video actualy Launched in 2003, but nonetheless, it was a very important video for that year

and the rest...

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Well, I dont remember seeing any new music videos. not a one.

BUT, as far as off of albums that were released that year...

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Something more in brief, just a run down of the best music videos of the year.

More of a challenge perhaps. Some years it will be difficult to narrow down to just one video. Other years, it will be difficult to even find just one video. Especialy the dark ages after the death of 120 minutes and before the advent of music video DVDs and youtube.

so, here starts 2000.

honorable mentions )
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its too bad

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So, I randomly come across this band, Tiny Master of Today off the Yeah Yeah Yeahs myspace blog page thing.... watched the video, and thought it was nice and catchy

but then, upon reading about the band, Im shocked to learn... THAT THESE FREAKIN' KIDS ARE ONLY, LIKE, 10 YEARS OLD! JESUS H. CHRIST!

There's something so fucking fishey about this. Maybe its fake, ya know, like Milli Vanilli, how the kids are the face for the REAL band...

OR, maybe the parents, or some faceless corporate machine are either pushing these kids, or trying to live for some vicarious rock star success, or something...

either way, its freaking me out... like Im too old to be listening to this music... but its still pretty damned good. little kids shouldnt be making music like this, or at least not this young. Back in my day, kids waited till they were at least in high school before forming bands, let alone publishing singles and music videos and being total rock stars. they should be, ya know, kids instead of rock stars at this age, and take their time in enjoying their youth....

maybe I am a little jealous... when I was 10, I was this high-strung pawn-piece in my mom's custody battles with my dad, the resident scape-goat at school, and spending too much time on the nintendo.

that, and I highly doubt that an 11 year old kid has enough smarts and maturity to have any authority to critisize a president... then again, given the smarts and maturity of our own Prezidunt, Im sure there's some irony in there
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