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Its about time that I organize this thing I spent all of last year writing. For your convience.

If your reading this on facebook, some of the life in review years are locked as friends only. Because they may be too hot for facebook. Or incriminating. Add me on livejournal, and maybe you can read them. Everything else is unlocked.


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And Coming soon, the decade in life. soon as in someday...
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I suppose Ive worked/procrastinated on this long enough.

Here's the list of best films of the decade, limited to the arbitrary number of 75. Based more on personal taste than on quality. Ill just write about the 1st five. Ill leave you to discuss ignore the rest.

I didnt really go out to the movies much as the decade started. At that point, I was playing catch up with what would be called "essential" movies by checking them out at the library I worked at. Around 2002 or 2003 was when I started going out more often, what with the Warren in Old Town finishing contstruction, and my own desperate attempts to escape reality. And then there was also moving to KC, and a larger availability of films.

As far as trends of the decade? Well, lets see, there was of course improved technology and etc. Comic book movies were the big fad. Also, one might say the end of the decade brought about the "sad old washed up has-been" genre. And, sadly, there were the cheap "genre"-movie films, horribly pandering sophomore movies, and even dumber summer films. And now there is IMAX and "3-D" novelties. And the expansion of the major studio "independant" genre. But really, in the end, as one might be able to tell the differnce between a movie made in 1979 and 1989, and maybe tell the difference between a movie made in 1989 and 1999, I have to say that its hard for me to tell the difference between a movie made in 1999 and 2009. Things really didnt change too much in the end.

1. Memento- Christopher Nolan- 2000

I 1st saw this at a friends house in fall of 2002. What I love about this film is, not only the unique storytelling technique of having two stories- one going backwards and one going forwards, and meeting at the end- to highten the feeling of the persons amnesia in that you are learning the story of what has happened along with the main character, but also how memories are manipulated by ourselfs and others. Sometimes for good ends. sometimes for bad ends. And it was here that I fell in love with Christopher Nolan. And in the end, it beautifuly shows the futility of everything, despite how we still keep trying to make sense of it all.

2. Requiem for a Dream- Darren Arronofski- 2000

A brutal look at addiction, and how we may try to struggle against it, ends up only consuming and destroying us in the end. The follow up from Pi (my personal favorite film of all time), with a great score from Clint Mansell, which has provided us with a decade of cheesy melodramatic film and sports event trailors.

3. The Dark Knight- Christopher Nolan- 2008

The Big Summer Craze of 2008. But more than just a summer blockbuster, it shows a villain who isnt just "cukoo for cocopuffs" crazy, but more someone with a cold, absolute hatred and contempt for society, who not only wants to destroy the things "normal" people hold near and dear and sacred, but to prove a point that anyone, even the most decent people, are just like him deep down inside. And even the most heroic of victories are still hollow on the inside. And it still would have been just as poignent and powerful, even without the death of Heath Ledger.

4. The Aviator- Martin Scorsese- 2004

These are the years leading up to the obcessive insanity of Howard Hughes. This movie was important to me, in that when I saw it, I was in the middle of my own little bout of a nervous breakdown and rampant paranoia. Not only was it a great show of the decadant 20s and 30s hollywood, and I loved Howard Hughes' triumph against the odds. Even if he did only win the battle to end up loosing the war, so to speak.

5. Gran Torino- Clint Eastwood- 2008

This is one of those rare films that I can watch again and again, and pick up something new from each viewing. Here we have an angry, bitter old man, seeing himself as the last of his kind at war with a changing world. And then begins to slowly come out of his shell, begins to make a difference in the world of others, and at the same time, the world of others making a small difference in his own world. Youth and old age. And in the end, a person who others see as an old, dieing dinosaur, and make a difference, and be useful again.

and the rest...
6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Tim Burton- 2005
7. Donnie Darko- Richard Kelly- 2001
8. Insomnia- Christopher Nolan- 2002
9. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events- Brad Silberling- 2004
10. Capote- Bennett Miller- 2005
11. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow- Kerry Conran- 2004
12. The Prestige- Christopher Nolan- 2006
13. OSS 117 : Cairo Nest of Spies- Michel Hazanavicius- 2007
14. Red Dragon- Brett Ratner- 2002
15. Spider-Man 2- Sam Raimi- 2004
16. Eastern Promises- David Cronenberg- 2007
17. Doubt- John Patrick Shanley- 2008
18. The Departed- Martin Scorsese- 2006
19. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy- Peter Jackson- 2001-2003
20. Shaun of the Dead- Edgar Wright- 2004
21. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines- Jonathan Mostow- 2003
22. My Super Ex-Girlfriend- Ivan Reitman- 2006
23. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World- Peter Weir- 2003
24. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone- Chris Columbus- 2001
25. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford- Andrew Dominik- 2007
26. Brokeback Mountain- Ang Lee- 2005
27. Finding Neverland- Marc Forster- 2004
28. Hellboy- Guillermo del Toro- 2004
29. Coraline- Henry Selick- 2009
30. No Country For Old Men- Joel and Ethan Cohen- 2007
31. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie For Theatres- Dave Willis- 2007
32. The Matrix Reloaded- The Wachowskis- 2003
33. Mullholland Drive- David Lynch- 2001
34. Sin City- Robert Rodriguez- 2005
35. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- Mike Newell- 2005
36. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon- Ang Lee- 2000
37. The Last King of Scotland- Kevin Macdonald- 2006
38. Constantine- Francis Lawrence- 2005
39. X2: X-Men United- Bryan Singer- 2003
40. Gangs of New York- Martin Scorsese- 2002
41. Casino Royale- Martin Campbell- 2006
42. The Fantastic Mr. Fox- Wes Anderson- 2009
43. Rocky Balboa- Sylvester Stallone- 2006
44. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- David Fincher- 2008
45. 9- Shane Acker- 2009
46. Quantum of Solace- Marc Forster- 2008
47. Iron Man- Jon Favreau- 2008
48. The Hurt Locker- Kathryn Bigelow- 2009
49. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy- 2005
50. The Forbidden Kingdom- Rob Minkoff- 2008
51. The Incredibles-Brad Bird- 2004
52. Downfall- Oliver Hirschbiegel- 2004
53. A Beautiful Mind- Ron Howard- 2001
54. American Psycho- Mary Harron- 2000
55. Revolutionary Road- Sam Mendes- 2008
56. Zombieland- Ruben Fleischer- 2009
57. Letters from Iwo Jima- Clint Eastwood- 2006
58. Grindhouse- Robert Rodriguez/Quinten Tarrentino- 2007
59. The Box- Richard Kelly- 2009
60. Brick- Rian Johnson- 2005
61. Bobby- Emilio Estevez- 2006
62. Batman Begins- Christopher Nolan- 2005
63. Big Fish- Tim Burton- 2003
64. Bad Santa- Terry Zwigoff- 2003
65. Spirited Away- Hayao Miyazaki- 2001
66. Alien vs. Predator- Paul W.S. Anderson- 2004
67. Balls of Fury- Robert Ben Garant- 2007
68. Watchmen- Zack Snyder- 2009
69. W.- Oliver Stone- 2008
70. Elizabeth: The Golden Age- Shekhar Kapur- 2007
71. The Golden Compass- Chris Weitz- 2007
72. From Hell- Albert and Allen Hughes- 2001
73. A Scanner Darkly- Richard Linkletter- 2006
74. American Dreamz- Paul Weitz- 2006
75. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith- George Lucas- 2005

there you go. discuss, question, and contradict.
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I remember the 90s being more like two disctinct decades. The early 90s were the hight of grunge/alternative styles and etc... And then the late 90s being full of... well... crap. As far as the 00s, it seemed to be more or less uniform in style, or at least styles that I bothered to pay attention to. Most of the artists of the 90s died out by around 2003 or so (in terms of quality or otherwise). In terms of best NEW artists of the decade, Ill just list them. I dont really care to write anything lengthy at the moment. And Im too lazy for links too, so you can google them if you really want to.

1. Ladytron
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. Client
4. Birthday Massacre
5. Spectra Paris
6. Marsheaux
7. Nouvelle Vague
8. Rome
9. Slick Idiot
10. Combichrist
12. Giant Drag
13. Tristesse de la Lune
14. Dethklok
15. American Catastrophe
16. m83
17. Franz Ferdinand
18. Hazard County Girls
19. Miss Kittin
20. She Wants Revenge
21. Ditty Bops
22. Dresden Dolls
23. Kittie
24. The Faint
25. Audioslave
26. Peaches
27. Fischerspooner

honorable mentions, as far as bands that technicaly didnt begin or released their 1st album in 2000, but didnt really get big until the 00s, include:
Android Lust
Hanzel Und Gretyl

As far as new discoveries, there really are too many to recall or mention in one post. I started to gravitate away from the old metal/radio/guitar-bass-drums rock type music, and more towards electronic musics, as well as playing catch-up with alot of the industry standard bands and works from the 80s and before.

Of course, the industry did change a bit in the decade that was. the 00s brought in the downloading of quality mp3s over the web in pratical time. And then there was the RIAA panic that ensued, and eventualy died down. But of course now hardly any national retailer chain carries any music of any real variety, value (in terms of but price AND quality), and the smaller shops eventualy closed down (more I think due to marketing tactics that favor NRCs rather than smaller shops than it did have to due with file sharing.) And thus shops pay less for used music, and used music inventory goes down as well.

As far as shows? Living in wichita for the 1st decade, there really wasnt many to write about until after I moved to KC in '05. But there were many great ones to be had.

Want me to list them? ok! but really only the 1st 10.
1.(tie) Marilyn Manson- Halloween in KC 2000 and december in Wichita 2000
2. Ladytron- Lawrence 2006
3. Einsturzende Neubauten Washington DC 2004
4. Ministry in Lawrence- 2004
5. Rasputina in Lawrence- 2004
6. Cranberries in KC- 2009
7. Gary Numan- KC 2006
8. Nine Inch Nails+Janes Addiction- KC- 2009
9. Frontline Assembly- Dallas 2006
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- KC- 2009
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In some ways, the 00s seemed like there wasnt alot of variety. Then again, maybe its just me. By 03 I was pretty solidified in my musical tastes, and didnt really branch out too far in any real direction in genre. If anything, alot of genres began to fall out of favor with me (metal, EBM, and what passes for alternative these days). New genres that I did pick up, were electroclash and darkwave. And with the rise of downloadable music that pervailed in the 00s, I began to indulge in alot of forgotton favorites of the 80s and 90s, and some new discoveries that I may have missed (which Ill cover in a later post.) Of course, Im also sure that the lack of music also had much to do with the corporate conglomeration of radio stations that started in the late 90s, the RIAA persecuting music downloaders, and the lack of variety in the corporate chains and demise of the local music shops.

Anyway, here's the list of the best 63 albums of the decade. More judged on personal tastes and asthetics than on technical qualitiy or craft. But then again, My tastes do tend to be forged with the quality of craft. List was easier to make than I thought, although Im sure if I spend too much time on it, Ill end up going crazy second-guessing my ranks. Anyway...

Album of the Decade:
1. Marilyn Manson- Holywood: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death- 2000

This album is almost, if not just as, important to me as Antichrist Superstar. It was this album that rekindled my interest and devotion to Marilyn Manson (the BAND, not the person. Several people, including Manson himself, forgets that its a band and not an individual when refering to the music). Here, we have an album that is all about Death. Death in media, death in love, death in politics, death in religion, death in fame, death in music, death in war, martyrdome, sacrifice, murder, execution, etc. Its one of those rare and few albums that works well as a continues concept instead of as a collection of singles with filler, and can be heard several times over and something new picked up, new meanings found, new connections between tracks and themes and album artwork, etc. MM the band (and person) hasnt made and will probably never again make an album with this degree of depth and beauty. That, and when I got this album, it was during the fall. I was in love, the weather was great, and it was my 1st fall out of school, and one of my last without any real responsibilities. Great music for great times...

2. Rammstein - Reise Reise- 2004

Of course, Im sure that much of the "real" meaning of the album got lost in the translation, but what I got out of it, was a stunning work of beauty from start to finish, along with some of the best music videos of the decade. It was during the fall that I picked this album up, and it was a good soundtrack for its time, what with the general dislike I had for the american government and president, and the (figurative) loss of close personal relationships that had occured at the time.

3. Kirlian Camera- Invisible Front 2005- 2004

It was in the winter that I got this album. During the giant ice storm that hit Wichita in 04/05. And the beauty of the album hit me. It was the perfect album for the perfect time. A beautiful, dark, ponderous album for a cold, lonely winter. While I discovered this band back in 02, It was this album that made me fall in love with Kirlian Camera.

4. Ladytron- 604- 2000

Picked this up in the springtime of 04, right before my trip to DC, and it was the perfect album for the time. Soft, beautiful, and great throughout.

5. Ladytron- Witching Hour- 2005

This was one of the 1st albums I bought after moving to KC in 05. It was a great energetic album, for a great exciting time in my life.

[now for your sake and mine, Ill skip album afterwork and most commentary.]

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Show Your Bones- 2006
7. Nouvelle Vague- Self-Titled- 2005
8. Radiohead- Amnesiac- 2001
9. Frontline Assembly- Artificial Soldier- 2006
10. Rasputina - Frustration Plantation- 2004
11. Marilyn Manson- The Golden Age of the Grotesque- 2003
12. Ministry - Houses of Mole- 2004
13. Rammstein- Mutter- 2001
14. Android Lust- The Dividing- 2002
15. Einstruzende Neubauten- Silence is Sexy- 2000
16. Spectra Paris- Dead Model's Society- 2007
17. Radiohead- Hail to the Thief- 2003
16. Ladytron- Light and Magic- 2002
17. Birthday Massacre- Nothing and Nowhere- 2007
18. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Fever to Tell- 2003
19. Nine Inch Nails- Things Falling Apart- 2000
20. Rasputina- Cabin Fever!- 2002
21. Client- Command- 2009
22. Nine Inch Nails- Still- 2002
23. Kirlian Camera- Shadow Mission Held V- 2009
24. Ladytron- Velocifero- 2008
25. The Raveonettes- Pretty in Black- 2005
26. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- It's Blitz- 2009
27. Siouxsie- Mantaray- 2007
28. Marilyn Manson- The High End of Low- 2009
29. PJ Harvey- Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea- 2000
30. ADULT- Anxiety Always- 2003
31. Revolting Cocks- Cocked and Loaded- 2006
32. A Perfect Circle- 13th Step- 2003
34. Morphine- The Night- 2000
35. Portishead- Third- 2008
36. KMFDM- Attak- 2002
37. Birthday Massacre - Violet- 2004
38. Pulp- We Love Life- 2002
39. Rammstein- Rosenrot- 2005
40. Wumpscut- Wreath of Barbs- 2001
41. Kittie- Oracle- 2001
42. Raveonettes- Whip it On- 2002
43. VNV Nation - Matter+Form- 2005
44. Johnny Cash- American IV: The Man Comes Around- 2002
45. Depeche Mode- Playing the Angel- 2005
46. Client - City- 2004
47. Birthday Massacre- Walking With Strangers- 2007
48. Bauhaus- Go Away White- 2007
49. Franz Ferdinand - Self-Titled- 2004
50. Eels- Souljacker- 2002
51. Marsheaux- Lumineaux Noir- 2009
52. Kirlian Camera- Coroner's Sun- 2007
53. Giant Drag- Hearts and Unicorns- 2006
54. Electric Hellfire Club- Electronomicon- 2002
55. Marilyn Manson- Eat me Drink me- 2007
56. Einsturzende Neubauten- Alles Weider Offen- 2007
57. The Knife- Silent Shout- 2006
58. Hanzel Und Gretyl- Uber Alles- 2003
59. Dethklok- The Dethalbum- 2007
60. Client- Heartland- 2006
61. Rome- Flowers From Exile- 2009
62. Silversun Pickups- Caravanas- 2006

Thoughts? discussions?
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Yes. Ive seen bad films this decade. Some very, very bad films. You know what they say, you rolls your dice, and you takes your chances. Yes, there were films released that were obviously bad (GI Joe, Kangaroo Jack, The entire goddamned "fill-in-the-blank-genre" movie "parodies") that I of course avoided. After all, I dont need to go to the dump to know that its going to smell like shit. But sometimes, one just has to see a bad movie, just so one can appreciate a good movie all the more.

Worst Film of the Decade:
1. The Devil's Rejects- 2005.
While I can give credit to House of 1000 Corpses for having style for its lack of substance, this film had neither. Slasher porn, depravity-for-the-sake-of-depravity, horrible, unlikable characters who, somehow, Im supposed to feel sorry for as the persecuted heroes in the film. That, and they all died to the song of Freebird. FREEBIRD. GODDAMNED FREEBIRD! How white-trash can you get? Redeeming Qualities? If I think of any, Ill let you know.

2. Drawing Restraint 9- 2005
2 and a half hours of an old japanese man beating on a drum and yelling unintellegible japanese things no stop, while dissecting a whale. Also, Bjork gets naked and takes a bath. Pretentious art-house drivil, that seems to be an endurance test for how much art-house pretention one can stomach before either falling asleep, or turning off the film. Redeeming Qualities? Um, well, Im sure the film has SOME kind of point, maybe. That, and Im sure it can be used for all sorts of "emperor's new clothes" type pranks against pretentious arty-type posers.

3. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem- 2007
While I will go on the record and vigerously defind AVP1 as a good film, this film is indefensible. Gaping plot holes, bargin-bin horror-survivilst-genre characters, and gore that goes beyond even horror taste. Redeeming qualities? well, even though the fights were anti-climatic, they were at least enjoyable while they lasted.

4. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen- 2009
The 1st one, while by no means a good film, was at least stomachable, this one is just plain bad. Lowest common denominator "bro" humour, Plot threads that never do get resolved, cheesey hammy acting and dialog, and over-extended and longer that it should have been. In other words, a Michael Bay movie. a below average michael bay movie. Redeeming Qualities? Well, Soundwave was kinda cool, Ill give it that.

5. Battlefield Earth- 2000.
Ah yes, and would this list be complete without the punchline that will live on long after we're all dead? Bad camera angles, hammy acting from Travolta that can only be called confusing, and a plot thats just TOO convient (and not too subtle either in its Scientology bents.) Redeeming qualities? While its a bad sci-fi movie, its a GREAT comedy.

6. Gigli - 2003
A film that seems to be confused about itself. The world's worst hitmen (and hitwoman) kidnap the mayor's retarded brother for ransom, while the kid thinks he's going to Baywatch. Yeah. As bad as that sounds on paper, imagine how bad it comes out on film. So it all comes out as either a bad mob movie, a bad black comedy, and/or a bad romantic comedy. And the poor cast doesnt help things either. Redeeming qualities? Like Battlefield Earth, its a great party film to watch and make fun of.

7. Beerfest- 2006
A typical sophomoric "bro" film. Redeeming qualities? For all its bad, tasteless humour, I can give it credit for having no pretentions about being anything better than what it is, and I can admit to getting a chuckle here and there.

8. Wanted- 2008
What was a great (if a little flawed) graphic novel, what we got was a hokey and silly shoot-em-up non-sense film that just didnt add up. Redeeming Qualities? James McAvoy gave the movie some good character, Ill give it that.

9. Burn After Reading- 2008
The last line in the film sums up this needlessly complicated and pointless film full of horrible unlikable characters- "God, what a clusterfuck." Redeeming qualities? John Malkovich gives a good performance, and Tilda Swinton is hawt.

10. Master of Diaguise-2002
This movie broke my heart. I loved Dana Carvey on SNL. And while the movie was a great showcase for his impersonation skills, it really isnt anything else. Carvey mentioned that alot of the film was written by his 10 year old son. Seeing is believing. Redeeming qualities? I loved the turtle man skit.

11. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer- 2007
One for both the "needless sequal" bin and "bad comic adapation" bin. Redeeming qualities? Well, for about 15 minutes, they actualy got Dr. Doom RIGHT, and I still enjoyed the chemistry between Michael Chikliss' Thing, and the Human Torch. Honestly, I couldnt tell this film apart from the 1st one.

12. The Ice Harvest-2005
Harold Ramos had admitted that he picked Wichita as the film setting, so he wouldnt have to do research on a city or film on location because people wouldnt be able to tell. Being from Wichita, and knowing Wichita is nothing like whats shown in the film, makes it loose all creditibility. Redeeming qualities? I can give it points for atmostphere. Even if I was too distracted to follow the film.

13. S. Darko- 2009
Of course, there are all sorts of 'straight to video' or 'made for TV' films I could mention, but this is the one I will. Like a bad xerox film, a cheap knock-off tyring to cash in on the cult popularity of a grand masterwork. Redeeming Qualities? Ill give it points for a good soundtrack, moments where the film did get somewhat interesting, and an E for effort.

14. The Passion of the Christ - 2004
No, Im not harping on it becuase its a religious film, nor because of the accusations of anti-semitisim. Im harping on it becuase its a glorified pretentious snuff-film. But, isnt it supposed to show the suffering of Christ? Well, sometimes less is more, Mel. If it wasnt for it being about Jebus, it would have been condemned as a horrible shock-film. Redeeming qualities? I thought the idea of filimg the dialog in armiac an interesting touch, even if it didnt quite work that well. And I can give it credit for at least being uncomprimising.

15. Superman Returns- 2006
Perhaps this could have been a good film... if the director just tired to do his own thing instead of just photocopying Donner and Reeves. Redeeming qualities? I enjoyed Kevin Spacey's performance as goofey Luthor, and I thought the idea of Superman having an illigitmate Bastard an interesting one.

16. Monkeybone-2001
I really Cant say that I hated this movie... but it was a big disappointment. it could have been great, and Im sure it looked good on paper, but it just wasnt well executed. Redeeming qualities? It makes for great ambiant visuals.

and the rest...
17. Party Monster - 2003
not so much a bad film, as one that didnt agree with me. And the anachronistic soundtrack really bugged me.

18. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen- 2003
I remember really liking the film when it 1st came out, but the more I watched it, the less I liked it. I did get the sensation of a good film being trapped in poor execution. But given what Ive seen in the deleted scenes, it could have been far worse...

19. Ghost Rider- 2007
Less of a bad film, more of a listless and bland film. Really, you could have subsituted just about any comic book character stable, and gotten the same movie. And Peter Fonda gives a "give me my paycheck and get me the hell out of here" performance. I can give it credit for Nicholas Cage giving it his all, and having a fun time with his little passion project.

20. Moulin Rouge- 2001
But... how could I hate moulin rouge?!?! Well, I cant say I hated it too much... Yes, its a very stylish film, but not much else. I found it far too overdramatic and overdone for my tastes.

21. The Simpsons-2007
a pointless movie from a tv series that should have been put out of its misery 12 years or (or retired at the top of its form 15 years ago) Although, one might find it fun to watch the films, and see how many recycled plot threats from episodes past one can find...

22. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest- 2006
While the 1st and the last ones were enjoyable enough... this one just seemed to be pointless filler. Then agian, I dont care for pirates, nor do I care for Jerry Brukheimer.

23. Star Wars: The Clone Wars- 2008
And here I was hoping for a repeat of the animation masterwork that was the 1st Clone Wars miniseries. Instead, what we got was horrible CGI-Claymation. And Jabba the Hut's gay uncle, Truman Capote, as the villain. Those dumb star wars kids will buy anything...

24. One Hour Photo- 2002
A good copy of Stanley Kubrik is still not a good film. But Robin Williams still gives an amazing performance, even if Mark Romanek is an untallented plagerist. But all of this could have been forgivable, and the film even enjoyable, if it wasnt for the bullshit cop-out ending.

25. Observe and Report- 2009
See above. i was hoping for a great and intellectual comedy about a mall cop with obvious mental disorders that was a parody of the christopher nolan-style epic hero films (which, at its high points, was and was great), by the end of the film, fell flat and devolved into just another Bro-comedy.

27. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor- 2008.
At this point, we reach films that arent half bad, but arent half good either. Such as this film. All the heart was there, and I did have high expectations, but just ended up falling flat on its face. Like a movie thats just in it for the money.

Its really hard to name a year that was worst in film, because most years still had good films to outnumber the bad, so Im not going to name one.

Review, and discuss.
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When the decade started, there were two major home systems: Nintendo 64 and Playstation. Playstation had become the generational icon of the late 90s by that time, but I was a nintendo loyalist through and through. To me, video gaming still begun and ended with Nintendo. Hell, I was still somewhat apprehensive about making jumps to 3D platformers as opposed to traditional 2D side scrollers. Which is actualy what brought me to getting a playstation in 2001. Graphics were all in 3D polygons... still clunky in design, but fluid in animation. And then in 2001, came the next step up. The Game Cube and Playstation 2. And then also the X-Box, but I never got one, and never wanted on, so Im ignoring it (yeah yeah yeah, I know, it was a big impact blah blah blah HALO blah blah blah Tom Clancy's this or that blah blah blah). I ended up getting the PS2 in fall of 2002, more for its ablility to play DVDs, as well as backwards compatablitly, which was one major trend in the 00s that I liked. I got my game cube in 2003, the same day Iraq was invaded, to see which would last longer (in terms of if the game cube would be replaced by a newer generation console before the iraq war was over.) in 2007 the Iraq war won, when the Wii was released.

So yeah, anyway, with the cube, also came a gameboy attachment, which I thought was BRILLIANT, especialy since the gameboy advance offered so many of the traditional design games that I so enjoyed from the SNES, and the fact that I didnt need to rely on a hand-held to play them. So yeah, for the majority of the decade, it was those 2 systems for me. And, with the advancing technology, games became more theatrical. voice-overs became more than brief soundbites, and more money was invested in them to hire actual voice-actors (or in some cases, actual celebrities). Movie tie-ins, well, there was more of them, but I ignored them by and large. I cant say that I really got too in to the new-fangled 1st-person shooter types... mostly just contiuations of long-running franchises I grew up with and loved. Then, there was also the big jump in online gaming. World of Warcraft was the big thing throughout the decade. But yeah, my computer was never much for games, and I didnt really care to. Ive always been more of a solitary gamer than anything else.

In 2007 came the next generation. The Wii, the Playstation 3, and the X-Box 360. As mentioned, I had no interest whatsoever in the X-Box. The playstation 3, at the time of its release, was a monstrosity. With a 500.00 pricetag. That had a loud hum, like some sort of government supercomputer. And the wii? What, with its remote and nunchuck thing, was just too.... weird. But, I was drawn to its virtual console, featuring the ability to download games from systems past. Which was great because, even though I still had my NES, SNES, and N64, cartridges were taking up limited space, and half the time, they didnt realy work. So, in 2008, I got me a wii. And yes, there were some good games with it, but seemed like more of a novelty system than anything else. I did get a PSP also in 08 for CrisisCore, and was impressed with the capabilities of handheld systems again. And with the pricetag on the PS3 going down, I may end up getting one eventualy. Then again, if it doesnt have backwards compatiblity, then what would be the point?

So yeah? What did the decade give us? Games evolved into interactive movies. That's the best way to put it. Games became longer and more involved. Characters became more developed. Budgets increased. Games became more accepted by pop culture. Graphics and plots became more realisitic. Instead of games based on movies, there were movies based on games now (and at least one of them was even a GOOD one). And then of course, there were more of the party games, and imaginary musician games... but yeah, there ya have it.

Now the list. Ranked from favorite to least favorite. All of them I can say were good (except for the last one anyway.) Im not exactly what one would call a hardcore gamer, but here's what I liked.

best game of the decade:
Metroid Prime Trillogy (GC/Wii)- 2003-2008

All three of these games were modern classics. And since they were recently repackaged as a trillogy, Im going to cheat and call it one game on here. In these games, it combines 1st person shooter genres, with search and find RPG collection genres, and puts it into a great atmospheric Sci-Fi scenario. If I have to rank them Individual, I would start with Echos, Prime, then Corruption.

2. Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64)- 2000
Here we have your typical violently funny Tex Avery-ish cartoon. Except filled with all sorts of depraved vulgarity. But instead of being sophomoricly stupid, it comes of as being clever and entertaining, what with its 4th wall humour, and clever parodies on various pop-culture-isms. Basicaly, its a game about having a bad day. Conker goes out, gets plastered, and wakes up with a hangover and not quite sure how to get home. And this whole time, the powers that be need him has a subsitute table leg.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64)- 2000
Its the end of the world. The sky is falling, and you have 3 days to stop it. A great, dark, atmospheric follow up to the classic Ocarina of Time.

4. Paper Mario 2 (GC)- 2004
Mario is in an exotic land, basicly going on a treasure hunt, with all sorts of other factions heading for a collision course. A Quirkey little RPG type game, with enough fun and dark moments to make this an enjoyable time killer, along with its unique "stage-performance-audience-participation" based fight systems, along with the Halarious Bowser interludes.

5. The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess (GC)- 2007
This was the game that should have been released instead of Wind Waker. A great, straightforward game but with enough twists to keep one from getting bored along with darkly beautiful game designs (which although some might say, were a little dated by the time it was made)

6. Metroid: Fusion- (GBA)- 2002
A great little Sci-Fi game in the classic 2D design, where Samsun is marooned on a space station alone, with a parasite hunting her down.

7. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP) - 2008
The prequal to FFVII. This one had a slightly more linear plot than your average Final Fantasy game, but yes, it definitly did a great job creating the interactive movie type game. But yes, the constant play-quoting characters did tend to get a bit annoying.

8. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA) -2003

9. Mega Man x8- 2004
I really loved the tag-team features in this game, along with the item-finding goals as well.

10. Castlevania : Lament of Innocence (PS2)- 2003
Dark, moody, and beautiful. A bit more straightforward than the average 3D Castlevania game, but I still found it enjoyable.

11. Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga (GBA)- 2003
A bit of a twist on the standard Mario RPG style, with plot and characters with all sorts of weird behaviours.

11. Final Fantasy X (PS2)- 2001
Yeah, the protagonist was a whiney obnoxious mothers boy. But the game design and music is still so lush and beautiful, and the plot and gameplay interesting enough, to make the whole 'wah wah wah daddy didnt love me' bit bareable.

12. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GC)- 2003
The game itself is flawlessly animated, with a great score, and a good plot. Too bad its too bogged down with tedious sidequests, not enough action, and sailing.... Hours and hours of nothing but sailing. It was a bit of a disappointment, but when it was good, it was amazing.

13. Final Fantasy XII (PS2)- 2006
A bit of a departure from the normal FF fare, with even more sidequests, but the plot was interesting, and the characters, for a change, where not these constantly whining emotionaly-stunted teenagers from previous FF games.

14. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA)- 2004
The Kinstones and Seashells where a bit tedious, but I really dont have anything too negative to say about this one.

15. Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PS2)- 2005
The weapon combining system was a nice touch, along with the pokemon-type demon to level up. But having to steal all your equipment tended to bog it down fast.

16. Super Mario Sunshine (GC)- 2002
Basicly, its another Mario 64. Except with mind-numbingly frustrating obstacle courses.

17. Castlevania: Harmony ofDissonance (GBA)- 2002

18. Paper Mario (N64)- 2001
A great game for its time and day, with all sorts of fun sidequests. But compared to Paper Mario 2, it hasnt really aged well.

19. Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)- 2004
Basicly, a good remake of Metroid 1. Not bad, but not anything really new or remarkable. Actualy, I found it a little hollow and a bit too short.

20. Raving Rabbids (Wii)- 2006
A great party game, but a bit exhausting for my health at times. But very, very fun.

21. Star Fox Assault (GC)- 2005
alot of variety, and maybe too much. Oh yes, and the blatant Borg rip-off was a bit annoying.

22. Mega Man+Bass (GBA)- 2001
Actualy, a re-release. Not too bad, but a bit frustrating at parts.

23. Castlevania: Circle of the moon (GBA)- 2001
A very diffifult and frustrating game at times, but enjoyable enough to keep me coming back for more.

24. Mega Man 9 (Wii)- 2008
a new Mega Man game in the tradional 8 bit style. While exciting at 1st, the loss of several tradional abilities (like the slide and charge), and the frustrating difficulty, made me a bit disappointed.

25. Super Paper Mario (Wii)- 2008
Side Scrollers and RPGs really dont mix. While the plot was OK, I found it a bit disappointing.

26. Wario World (GC)- 2003
Not too bad, but seemed more like a demo than an actual game. Just, really short.

27. Luigi's Mansion (GC)- 2002
Same thing. A well made demo, but didnt feel long enough to be a real game.

28. Mega Man X7 (PS2)- 2003
This has to be my least favorite game- Mega Man didnt, and doesnt, translate well into 3D. And Axl was completly worthless. And Mega Man's Whining didnt help much either.

Honorable mention goes to the new Super Mario Wii. I just got it, and Im really liking it, but havnt played it enough to get a subjective opinion.

As far as system of the year? My heart says Game Cube, but my mind goes with PS2. PS2 lasted the longest, had the more varied library, and most versatility.

The best year for games this decade? 2004.

Review, and discuss.
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I suppose I should start of with something easy, given that Im all sortsa sick today, unmotivated, etc.

I did start in the year being a bit of a TV junkie... well, not to the point that I couldnt live without it (2000 was the year I finaly got my own computer, thus graduating to the title of web junkie). I stopped having cable TV as of 2004, and spent the rest of the decade getting TV via way of either internet, DVD, or in hotel rooms.

Since I didnt really immerse myself in the world of TV, I really cannot give a full analysis of how things changed since 2000. I know that animation sure got crappier. From some good flash-animated shows, to a bland, generic style, poorly written non-animated shows, and of course, bland american-ized anime got even blander. The only real network I followed through the decade was adult swim, but I cant say too much that it really changed TV. But I do know that it has changed, from being a weekly clever animated programming block with variety and actual animation, to a crude, college-hipster-pandering landfill with at most 3-4 gems buried in there... and now, it seems to be evolving into the BBC-America-Comedy channel.

Ah yes, also there was the trend of theme-networds consolidating, evolving into new themes, and etc.

Anyway, its hard to really give a good ranking of shows, but here goes. Im not giving any real ranking, just mentioning them as I think of them. And yes, Im a horribly immature person and mentioning all sorts of cartoons.

The Powerpuff Girls- 1998-2004ish
Of course this was a hold-over from the last decade. But I did want to put this one in there, because for me it stands out as one of the finist animated programs ever produced. Of course the premise in of itself is brilliant- 3 freakishly deformed schoolgirls all with the power of superman, but the mentality of schoolgirls. Some poor episodes, but several classics, especialy in the 00s decade (personal favorite being the episode where the girls learn the magic that is Profanity, and thus an episode full of bleeps, cumilating where they fight a giant toilet-monster spouting curse words like the Dad in A Christmas Story)

Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends- 2004-2009
From the same creator of the powerpuff girls, game this gem. Where do imaginary friends go when you grow up? They get put up for adoption here. The show combines Krofft surrealism, chram for the kids, and cleverness for the adults with great results. Any kids show that can sneak in a Frankie Goes to Hollywood reference gets a thumbs up from me.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - 2001-current (?)
Yes, the decade saw the rise of extremely bizarre non-sequitter flash animated programs that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. And most of them were just that bad. But ATHF was the 2nd (the 1st being Space Ghost Coast to Coast), the longest running, and the best. At 1st it was just about the worlds worst detective agency, with the most abrasive unlikable leader, and those that put up with his personality defects, it didnt take long for the producers to take a "fuck it whatever" approach, and now it all just seems to be stream of consciousness writing. Many episodes have no real plot, make no grand statement, and frankly, arent really that funny. But to its credit, the show never really cared, and in the end, it didnt really matter. This was the show that built and perfected its genre, and established the standard. Its the best there is at what it does.

Home Movies- 2000(?)-2003ish
By Brenden Small, featuring a young fictional version of Brenden Small, and his obcession with movies, and the day to day misfunctions of his life. Weird character designs, and great improvastional dialog made this an enjoyable comedy, especaily with his drunken, abrasive, and out and out nutjob soccar coach Jon McGurk.

Metalocalypse- 2005ish-current
Spinal Tap meets the Monkees Meets Cannible Corpse. Take a wildly and unrealisticaly popular deathmetal band comprised of total idiots, put them in mundane situations reserved for normal dildos, and let the comedy comence. Not all the episodes were winners, but when it clicked, it clicked well. That, and it featured some good (and halarious) metal music (as far as metal music goes anyway)

The Venture Bros- 2003-current
Imagine Johnny Quest, gone horribly and sadly wrong, and here you have the venture bros. Basicly a show about failure, and the tragic comedy that ensues from it, stuffed with all sorts of alternative pop-subculture gems and great dialog. While the show has definitly been in decline since the 3rd season, Seasons 1 and 2 I would have to say rank right up there with the best TV produced in the decade.

Frasier- 1994ish-2004
The show came to the end of its almost 10-year run in the 00s, so here it is on the list. The decade brought the end of the Niles/Daphne tension. While in most shows, the resolution one of its longest-running jokes (and sources of its best comedic scenarios) might have been its shark-jumping nail in the coffin, they writers actualy managed to spin it into a whole new realm of character development and comedy.

Arrested Development- 2003-2005
I didnt get into this show until after its cancelation and DVD released. But I am glad that I did. Featuring a disturbingly dysfunctional family, several great in jokes and running gags, and scenarios that test the sanity of the audience and the protagonist, its a damn shame the show ended when it did. Now here's hoping for the movie.

it took me a while to get into this show. But yes, while the Simpsons continued its downward spiral into tired old workhorse territory, Futurama excelled. A great, quirky sci-fi comedy, with enough heart and soul to keep it from being absolutely unrelatable and alienating.

Ok. This show had alot going against it. ALOT. A Shitty opening song. A poor premise (I dont like retcons, let along retcons involving time-travel with intent to alter the future), characters that, well, they wernt quite one-diminsional or unlikable, they just werent very memoriable or unqiue. But starting with season 4, it started getting GOOD. Instead of these complicated "temporal cold war" episodes, they started doing self-contained three-episode story arcs. Instead of creating useless new alien menaces, they started expanding on aliens that were already there in the 1st Trek series, but never really expanded upon due to 1960s budget limitations and etc. (i.e. the Andorrians). And they started featuring more notable guest stars with actual acting talent and purpose for the story. Its a damn shame the show ended when it just started fixing its problems. It wasnt the best Trek series, but I cannot honestly say that I absolutely hated it.

The Office USA- 2007ish-current
I havnt had too many opportunities to watch this show (or the BBC original source), but what Ive seen, Ive liked.

Ripleys Believe It or Not- 1998ish-2002ish
Nothing more than a very enjoyable vouyeristic circus freakshow. And I loved it.

Stripperella- 2003
This show was a shocking surprise for me. Here I was, expecting a crude, immature sludge-facotry T&A fart-joke show. What I got was a remarkably clever show that was aware of its low-brow premice, being Pamala Anderson as a Stripper-by-day/crime-fighter-by-night, and just going over the top in clever genere-spoofing jokes. yes, there was as much T&A as you'd expect, but instead of the show trying to hide it as something intellectual for the plot, it not only embraced it, and lampooned it in a mature and clever way. I must say I enjoyed this show far more that I thought I would have, even with the ugly character designs of the latter episodes.

Reno 911- 2003-2009
Cops. Gone completely wrong. Great improvastional comedy featuring characters who have no business being sherrif officers. And yes, I even liked the movie too.

Son of the Beach- 2000ish-2003ish
The hero of the beach is a pale, skinny, balding cornball with an overbite. Here is a show, that has the most shameless, tasteless, derogatory, and offensive jokes, but done with such an obliviously (and innocently) straight-faced tounge-in-cheek innocent fashion, that they cannot help but be laughed at.

Invider Zim- 2001ish-2003ish
Yes, all the Hot Topic kids loved this because it was by their god Jhonen Vasquez. But take away the hype, and you're still left with a great animated comedy about a reject from an alien race obcessed with conquest, who ends up pissing everyone off to the point where they shoot him off in a random direction in space. Unfortunatly, the ends up on earth, thinking he's been sent to conquor the planet for the armada that is never going to show up. And the only person on earth who can see through Zim's pathetic disguise, is a human who is as obcessive and is loathed on earth as Zim was on his planet. And the two hate each other with burning obcession. Great comedy premise, with great (and by today's standards unique) character design.

The Brak Show- 2001ish-2004ish
Take Brak's simple, childlike charm, and put him in Adult Swim's trade-mark non-sense, and here you have the show. I dont know why, but I did enjoy this show more than the average AS show.

House- I dont know the dates, and I dont care enough to look them up.
I didnt watch this show too often. Just when I was in a hotel room, and had time to kill, and saw it on the tv. But the few episodes I did see, I found to be good enough to warrent a mention here. And I have to saw, and I absolutely love the character of Dr. House, probably because he's either just like me, or the person I wish to be lol

Sealab 2021- 2000-2005ish
Hit-or-miss surrealism and non-sense. When it was good, it was great. When it was bad, it was just plain self-refrencing self-congratulating jock humour.

Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon- 2003
I had such high expectations for this show. What I got, was gross-humour-for-grossnesses-sake, character designs I didnt care for, and voice-acting that was a little... off (John K has lost his edge in 10 years it looks like.) There was one or two good shows, but yeah, just shock humour that wasnt really that funny in the end.

Family Guy- 1999-current
Much like Sealab 2021. Good when its good, bad when its bad. Its like this marksmen, with a rapid fire weapon, just randomly shooting targets without really aiming. Which wouldnt be so bad, if he didnt carry himself as the greatest sharpshooter of all time, and demanded that everyone else do the same.

Last, and certainly not least...
Robin Hood (BBC) -2006ish- 2009ish
I was really impressed when I saw it. Somewhat faithful to the time period, a bit more realisitc in tone with all sorts of complex brooding characters and plots, but still light-hearted and fun enough to make it not overbearing. The Sherrif is delightfuly evil and enjoys being evil, while Hood is all sorts of dashing for the ladies.

Drawn Together- I wish the show was never even made
And, the only reason why Im mentioning this piece of trash, is so I can write for the record that this show was the worst show Ive seen this decade. And Im not sure that there are worse shows produced that I didnt bother to see. Just sick, sexist, immature, sophomore "humour", pandering to lowest-common-denominator. Ugh. The sad thing is, that with its premise of cartoon-archtypes-in-reality-show-setting had promise. But the potential was wasted on snickering jocks who never seemed to gratuate past middle school mentality. Of course, the same could be said about comedy centeral in general.

As far as trends go? well, internet almost killed the video star, and probably still is. News got funnier. Sadly it also got less informed and more emotional. The reality show bloom of 2000 carried through to the end of the decade. VH1 stopped showing interesting music and pop-culture shows, and started airing pathetic shameless tabloid trash.

Well, that's all I got for now. review, and discuss.
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Now comes the year of film, 2009.

Listed in order of preference, with small commentaries here and there.

Film the the year: Gran Torino
yeah yeah yeah, techincal it was released in limited art houses in 2008, but since it wasnt released to the general public in 2009, and I didnt see it until 2009, Im classifying it as a 2009 movie. Seldom do I see a movie in which I can genuinly find no fault in, and even rarer do I see a movie in which I can watch over and over again and pick up something new (as opposed to finding a new thing to not like about a film). Of course I could go on and on, but Im tired, and not really feeling like writing essays.

2. Coraline
Another beautifuly animated movie from Henry Selick, complete with that quirky gothy weirdness,.... both are a rarity in this day and age of cheap digital animation studios ripping each other off every summer with bland, unchallenging, lazy family fare.

3. 9
Despite a summer of "aliens" being the theme for digital animation sludge factories this year, the year had some great and unique animated films this year. 9 is one of them (not to be confused with Nine, or Disctric Nine- one would thing Nine being another common theme for the year, along with overweight+emotionaly distressed black teens) But anyway, I found 9 to be a stunningly amazing and beautiful animated take on the common post-apocalyptic theme.

4. The Fantastic Mr. Fox
I found this film to be the best Anderson film Ive seen since Rushmore (then again, I havnt seen Dharjling Limited yet). Not only is the animation amazing, but its a great story about midlife crisises, being true to your nature while still being responsible to and for people under your care. And just really, great fun.

5. Zombieland
Another great entertaing take on the zombie genre. Dare I say, it was like the american version of Shaun of the Dead. Great, bloody fun with characters that I could still care about without being too sappy, overdone, or one-diminsional.

6. Earth
7. Slumdog Millionare
8. Revolutionary Road
9. The Hurt Locker
10. The Brothers Bloom

11. Watchmen
This film, well, I have such divided opinions about this film. Its far from perfect, but given what a perfectionist I am and how near and dear to my heart I hold the book, I may have been a bit unfair to it. Some characters were dead-on (i.e. Roarsach), some characters werent quite perfect, but still good enough (Manhattan), and others were just completely off the mark (Silk Spectre, Ozymandias). When it was good, it was PERFECT. When it wasnt, it was WAAAAY off. All in all, I just wish it didnt end with a goddamned Good Charlotte song. but eh, could have been worse. Good enough, but pretty damned good enough.

12. The Box
Given the bizzare non-sequite beautiful-but-incomprehensible nonsense that was Southland Tales, this film has completly redeemed Richard Kelly in my eyes. A (relatively) easy to follow suspensive morality play involving government spooks, and probably aliens, was weird, but not so off planet that it lost my interest, along with compelling performances.

13. The Wrestler
A stunningly amazing film, but a bit too depressing for me to throughly consider it perfect. Painful to watch, but in all the good ways.

14. Men Who Stare At Goats

15. The Road
A great survivalist story. The film makes no attempt to explain the apocalypse, which only helps the film emphasise that its a story about the survivors, and not the circumstances. Featuring one of the most chillingly disturbing moments Ive seen in a long time on film. Two words- cellar door.

16. Star Trek
I found myself enjoying this film more than I thought I would, but I didnt think it was as good as it should have been. Yes, I could go on and on about illogical continuity erros and whatnot (i.e. Nokia and Beastie Boys seemed to have pulled through the 21st century WWIII Nuclear armegeddon pretty ok), but compelling performances and a adequete plot made it enjoyable enough, even if it seemed like more a shallow-but-good summer blockbuster movie and less like an actual deep and intriquing Star Trek movie.

17. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
I may have liked this movie more if I didnt see it immediatly after a text argument with an ex... but it was better than the last one.

18. The Young Victoria

19. Wolverine Origins
I thought this film was better than the reviews had suggested. Yes, the effects were a little cheap by todays standards, but they only have themselves to blame due to the movie being prematurely leaked and thus production getting rushed. From a comic book afficinado's standpoint, I thought Sabretooth's protrayal was dead perfect, Deadpool was a little different but passable. But then again, I thought Gambit was a bit wasted and superflous.

20. White Out
Another film I thought was vastly under-rated. I thought this was a great and straightfoward murder mystery in a prime exotic (and isolated) location with likably characters. Then again, I think I may be biased towards survivalist films set in Antartica...

21. A Serious Man

22. Ponyo
Strictly for the kids, but still a very enjoyable kids movie.

23. Extract
24. Taken

25. Where the Wild Things Are
A passable film, with great imagination, but probably still deeper than it should have been. Hollywood needs to learn, that making 2 hour movies out of 10 page children's books, really is not a good idea in practice. Even with the best results such as Where the Wild Things Are, still dont turn out quite right.

26. The pink Panther 2
I dont care what anyone says. I loved the 1st one, and I liked this one just as much.

27. Sherlock Holmes
28. Taking Woodstock

29. District 9
not a bad film... It felt like a great film by high school standards, but too many plot and character illogicals that I couldnt shake for me to get as much out of it as I probably should have.

30. Public Enemies
31. 500 Days of Summer
32. The Fourth Kind

Now for the bad ones...

33. Terminator Salvation
This Movie could have been saved, if the plot focused less on John Conner, and they didnt spoil the goddamned plot twist in the trailors and commercials. I cant say that I hated it, but I can say that it was unnecessary and a wasted opportunity.

34. Observe and Report
This film could have been great, and got pretty damned close to being perfect, like a straight-faced mature-vresion of Mall cop... I went in expecting for and hoping for a paradoy of Christopher Nolan, but in the end, all I got was just another fart-joke cheap laugh movie. To its credit though, I can honestly say that there were moments that were great and perfect. Sadly, they were few and far between, and just not enough to save this movie.

35. S. Darko
All the style, but none of the substances of the source material... talk about your unnecessary sequals. Almost like a fan film made by a competant ameture, who loved Donnie Darko, but just didnt get what the movie was all about. Ill give it credit for a passing soundtrack, and a few intriqueing scenes, but ulitmately, just a cheap knock off, trying too hard to be deep and weird for weird deepness' sake.

And worst movie of the year (and decade) goes to...
Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
Jesus christ, allmighty, where do I begin? Once again, Micheal Bay presents another explosion-porn movie, comeplete with blackface ministral humour, in a world where all females are shallow sex-obcessed whores, college kids are testosterone-obcessed party-mongers, where dialog and be composed of cornball patriotic one-liner non-sense, where there is no plot to speak of (and if there is, its just random.... I dunno, I just have no words for it.) And the film was in the 2:30 length time frame. 2 and one half goddamned hours of over-extended, melodramtic, lowest common denominator audio/visiual pollution! Is there anything I liked about the film, even for the sake of arguement? Well, ummm..... hmmm.... At least one thing I can say, was I thought the take of Soundwave being a massive orbiting satalite was kinda cool. Even if by the end of the movie they never did resolve that little plot-logic of the fact that no one ever noticed a thing that big, hovering above earth, disrupting all satalite signals on earth. Jesus H Christ, not only did they not look or even spot it accidentaly, they didnt even ask! It would be a comedy, if it wasnt so painful. The two words that best sum up this movie? Devastor Testicals.

Movies I had on my list, and missed were:
The Soloist
Ink Heart
The Reader
Astro Boy
Worlds Greatest Dad
Vampire's Apprentice
The Princess and the Frog

there you go. review. discuss.

coming soon- decades in media.
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One thing I noticed, is the sad, sad state of the CD business. One trend I noticed, aside from digipaks, is the trend of "exclusive editions" of CDs, with "exclusive bonus tracks" sold only at "exclusive locations". This was all well and good, but once you start having 3 or 4 different "exclusive editions", all with different "exclusive tracks", and sold at several different "exclusive locations each", how can one NOT download music? This definitly choked out localy owned businesses, I think. That, and the overall lack of availablity in the large chains that are left. Yeah, I can find pleanty of copies of High School the Musical, but good luck picked up the latest album from Marsheaux or Client.

With that said, here's the list... with commentary here and there.


Client- Command
Client has been one of my favorite bands for a long time, but this has been the 1st album that they made that worked well as an album, as opposed to a collection of good songers filled out with songs that were not as good.

Kirlian Camera- Shadow Mission Held V
technical, a maxi-single/remix album, but a damned good one at that, collecting versions of songs that Ive been listening too via live youtube clips for years. Along with one of the most beautiful songs to date.

Marsheaux- Lumineaux Noir
The best discovery of the year. This album (which had to be downloaded due to everyone's lack of variety in the music shops and online) has some great dance tracks, with inspiring beauty of voice and sound. My favorite combinations.

Marilyn Manson- The High End of Low
This song has the teeth and aggression that was lacking on the last album. This album would feature Manson at his most hateful and bitterest, as opposed to being an concept album painting perspective portrates of whats wrong with american politics, entertainment, culture, religion, etc. And instead being a personal attack on his own failed relationships. And also featured the much needed return of Twiggy Rameriz, bringing along the progressive rock influences that were picked up from his time spent with A Perfect Circle, with some surprisingly amazing results. Its not perfect, and there are more than one or two tracks that the album could have done without, and its still lacking the atmosphere that Madonna Wayne Gacy brought to the band (and sadly, will probably never be heard again). And the constant spewing of bitterness is a bit strong, even for MM. Not as good as (t)he(y) used to be, but still pretty close to the good old days.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Its Blitz
An amazing album, pure and simple. It does tend to loose its focus towards the end, but the rest of the tracks more than make up for it. There really isnt a track on there I didnt like.

Rome- Flowers From Exile
This is the other best discovery of the year. The album features some of the most hauntingly beautiful songs Ive heard this year, and while some of the tracks are filler, the prime tracks more than make up for it.

Nouvelle Vague- NV3
Better than the last album, not as good as the 1st album. Having the original singers sing along on some of the original tracks was a nice touch.

Franz Ferdinand- Tonight, Franz Ferdinand
Definitly an album for the young, which despite what everyone loves to make jokes about to my dismay, I am not. But I still found this one very enjoyable, more than 'You Can Have it So Much Better'.

Kirlian Camera- Odessy Europa
This album is a best-of mega-set, not available in the USA. So I downloaded it. So there. Alot of it is material previously released, but enough new material to be worthy of a mention on the list.

Rammstein- Liebe Ist Fur Alle D
This album really didnt have any tracks that "hooked" me, or at least not as much as their previous albums have done, but its still a fine addition to their catalog.

Prodigy- Invaders Must Die
didnt listen to this album much, but loved what I heard when I heard it.

J.G. Thrilwell- The Venture Bros. Soundtrack
Ditto. And Im mad because Dr. Orpheus' theme song wasnt included.

Silversun Pickups- Swoon
Ditto again. But after the last time I listened to it, I really need to listen to it more.

"Revolting Cocks"- Sex-O-Lympic-O
the 1st album from the fake revolting cocks. Kinda shallow and empty, like a band who thinks they know what Revco is all about pretending to be Revco, but not really understanding what its all about and making it all sound artificial and phoney. But then again, Revco was never really a band to take seriously. Its not out-and-out terrible. Its just not Revolting Cocks, and they would do well to just be their own band instead of riding on the coattails of the more famous

combichrist- Today We Are All Demons
This album made me appreciate Combichrist more than I have been. But ultimately, its a good collection of songs with some great aggressive angry music, but doesnt really work well as an album.

Cranes- Self-Titled
Just got it. Not bad, but no real hook

PJ Harvey- A Man, A Woman Walked By
This album also had some good tracks, but nothing that really hooked me the same way that I was hooked from 'Stories From the City' or 'Is This Desire'

Dethklok- The Dethalbum
Less comedy, more screaching metal music. Needs more comedy, and less dani filth-vocals. But the dethsupport song is a classic song, which really does spell out america's health care problems far better than any lefty-hippy protest song could ever hope to.

Depeche Mode- Sounds of the Universe
ehhh.... just didnt really hook me.

miss kittin

vnv nation
I almost forgot they came out with an album this year, or that I even downloaded it. Hell, I cant even remember the title.

Other notable purchesses+downloads included

Rome's semi-complete catalouge
Psychedellic Furs' All this and Nothing, as well as other albums
Trieste La Lune's Catalog
Siderartica- Shapes and Colours From the Land of God
The Knife- Silent Shout
Swans- Various Failures
Tear Garden- Tired Eyes Burning Slowly
Cibo Mato- Viva La Woman!
Panzer AG
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Kicking Against the Pricks

Discoveries of the year include Rome, Marsheaux, Panzer AG, and getting more music from Coil, Legendary Pink Dots, and Psychedellic Furs.

as fas as concerts...
Combichrist in february with Black Light Burns at Record Bar, at which I was too distracted with other preoccupations to get the most out of, but still enjoyed

Franz Ferdinand at Beaumont

Nine Inch Nails with Jane's Addiction at Starlight- a great show, dare I say classic and worth the extra money for the close seats, even if it did result in 6 months of illness.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Beaumont- I was insanely ill at this show, but hell, it was goddamned worth it!

Motorhead with Horton Heat at the Midland. A fine show with wonderful company, even if we did get there late due to a miscommunication as to the start time, along with having shit seats.

KMFDM with Angelspit at Beaumont. Anglespit I could take or leave... wasnt very impressed. KMFDM was great, played a lot of good classics, so I cant complain. No wait, I can complain! I can complain about the obnoxious drunk ass behidn me who woudlnt shut up!

Slick Idiot at Davey's- this was great fun, and much more down to earth than KMFDM was

Raveonettes at Beaumont- the worst show of the year. Not only did the raveonettes play for only about 30 minutes, their speakers were blown. As yes, A Flock of Seagulls also proved that you CAN fit sad AND pathetic on one stage, with blown speakers too! If the tickets werent only 10.00, I would have demanded a refund.

The Cranberries at the Midland- Best show of the year. The band was in prime form, everyone was singing along, and it was all their best songs, as opposed to most 90s reunion shows with only portions of the band, replacement lead singers, or washed up has-beens who stop for 15 minute rants about "fuck the audience" and play long rambling progressive guitar solos as opposed to actual songs (*Cough, cough* SMASHING PUMPKINS)

Now, for the moment you havnt been waiting for, the singles

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by this time, average bandwith had improved to allow downloading music videos via file sharing to be pratical, that combined with music video DVDs becoming more common provided easier access to new videos (and Im sure that [livejournal.com profile] bigbrother2084's music video nights helped alot as well). I also remember a brief resurgance in music videos on MTV as well.

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I dont know if this music video actualy Launched in 2003, but nonetheless, it was a very important video for that year

and the rest...

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Well, I dont remember seeing any new music videos. not a one.

BUT, as far as off of albums that were released that year...

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Something more in brief, just a run down of the best music videos of the year.

More of a challenge perhaps. Some years it will be difficult to narrow down to just one video. Other years, it will be difficult to even find just one video. Especialy the dark ages after the death of 120 minutes and before the advent of music video DVDs and youtube.

so, here starts 2000.

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the original music list

Top Albums for the year

1. Ladytron- Velocifero
2. Raveonettes- Lust Lust Lust
3. Portishead- Third
4. Nine Inch Nails- The Slip
5. Nine Inch Nails- Ghosts
6. Hearts in Bondage- 5 minutes to explode
7. Juno Reactor- Gods and Monsters
8. Black Horse- The Black Arts of Black Horse
9. Ministry- Cover Up

And Albums I didnt listen to enough to form an opinion on
The Cure- 413 dream
cruxshadows- immortal
Toadies no deliverance
Type O Negative- dead again

Discoveries included God Bullies, m83, Spectra Paris, and CSS. All in all, 2008 was a bit of a lackluster year in music. Not lacking in good music, but more like variety. There were good albums, just not very many of them.


1. The Dark Knight
2. Gran Torino
3. Doubt
4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
5. The Wrestler
6. Iron Man
7. Revolutionary Road
8. Get Smart
10. W.
11. Tropic Thunder
12. Slumdog Millionaire
13. The Forbidden Kingdom
14. Quantum of Solace
15. Hellboy II: The Golden Army
16. Appaloosa
17. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
18. Australia
19. The Incredible Hulk
20. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
21. City of Ember
22. Be Kind Rewind
23. Punisher: War Zone
24. WALL-E
25. Choke
26. Speed Racer
27. The Spirit
28. Horton Hears a Who!
29. The Day the Earth Stood Still
30. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
31. Run Fatboy Run
32. How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
33. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
34. Burn After Reading
35. Wanted

I saw all of these in the theatres. Ha-ha. 2008 was an amazing year in film, dare I say, the best year of the decade. Just about every film, even the bad ones, were good (except for burn after reading and wanted, those were just irredeemably bad).

on the web, I started visiting garfield minus garfield on a regular basis, along with failblog. Twitter was just getting started, but I didnt get into it then, and I never will, ever.

This year I finaly cought up with the next generation of gaming, and bought a wii. It was great being able to revisit the classics, and try out a few classic games I didnt have the chance to really dig. Aside from virtual console, notable games included Super Paper Mario and Metroid Prime: Corruption. During the early months on the PS2, I was murdering the hours with Final Fantasy XII.

As far as TV, there was still Metalocalpyse and the Venture Bros (which was a bit lackluster that year.) On DVD I was getting reaquainted with SCTV (with varying degrees of success). And that year I ended up getting into Superjail as well.

I really cant recall too much as far as signature pop-culture trends. There was the china olympic gymnastics scandal (as usual), the election year of hate with joe the plummer, crazy racism, conservative paranoia, and this crazy religioulus bitch from Alaska who just wont go away. And there was also the tragic death of Rudolph Valentino Heath Ledger, and Dark Knight-Mania during the summer. Hmm.. so yeah, Im drawing a blank for the rest, either out of not remembering, or the rest of it being so horriffic Ive blocked it out...
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