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Not just sure how Im going to celebrate, or even if Im going to celebrate... More than likely there wont be a party, given that I dont know enough people around here well enough to bother them with an invite... besides, these things do take planning as opposed to spur of the moment spontaniousness... And also, I have this back-of-the-head belief that a person should not plan his own birthday party, because it would be rather arrogant and self-complimentary to throw your own... let alone advertise the fact that it was your birthday to begin with... then again, how else would people know, unless you told them? It is a fine line, modesty and pride.....

My cat is here though... she was kind enough to get up on my lap and start licking me until I woke up.... I really really HATE it when she does that.... guuhhhhhh..... But at least she is here to keep me company....

My mother gave me a call earlier this morning and left a message... Ill have to call her back... there still are alot of things I need to grab from Wichita still, but today, Im taking a break....

Yesterday, lets see... I bought a few DVDs (Lawrence of Arabia collectors edition, Gladiator extended edition, Terminator 3, and also I still have the Munsters boxset from last week)... Bought some music (David Bowie's Low, Rasputina's a Radical Recital, Ministry's Sidetrax, Orbital's Snivilization, Switchblade Symphony's Radical Recital)... and today, lets see... I need to find a laundrymat, I need to get my drivers liscence updated, I need to pay some bills, I need to get a new shelf for my videos, I need to get my weekly books, I should probably get a newspaper today also... ah yes, and I really want to go see that Penguin movie while its still in the theatres.... Anything else? Ah yes, Ill probably find someplace that sells single-serving cake and ice cream, and have myself a treat....

24... the last year to be young I suppose.... I feel as if Im falling behind as it is... most people my age, they are buying houses, they've already completed their college, and having kids... As for myself, I have money to spend for neither... Sometimes, I just wish things would slow down enough so that I could get caught up... But I dont think that will happen....

Next week, Ill be 30, the week after, I'll be 40.... Time is always the enemy...

Who else shares my birthday?
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