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I hate hate HATE this movie. cardboard charactures that have no character. weak plot with no real sense of direction, and "criticism" of religion that ammounts to poking a dead horse with a 10 foot pole and running away in sheer terror that the horse will bite back. And the fact that I despise Kevin Smith and think he's one of the most overrated, untalented, and egomaniacal hacks of this generation. You know its a poor movie when it begins with a disclaimer and an apology.
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its really hard to say... because usualy films I end up hating are movies I was on the fence with to begin with, or held an ambivilant opinion...

this would probably be the most applicable.... I thought it was adequet when I saw it, but each time I watched it, I liked it less

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even when I was young, I thought this was vastly overrated (especialy compared to its sequal)... bland plot, whiney lead character, and two old men poking each other with a glowstick in a fairly anti-climatic scene.
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for good- everyone talks about this film being among the greatest of all time... and they're right. Far ahead of its time, it pioneered new techniques in directing and storytelling...

For bad- everyone talks about how terrible this film is. and theyre right. overly long, horribly acted. horribly written. its just a total car wreck of a movie. I swear, I needed a shower after watching this.
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I dont find fantasy horror, slasher pics, or gore-porn films scary at all. In order for it to be frightening, there has to be an element of reality to it. It has to feel like its plausable that this could take place in real life, that something similar could happen to you.

It was a toss up between this and Night of the Hunter, but Ive been watching this longer, and its more of a standard. Not only can cabin fever do crazy things, but the performances really drive it home

And this is a runner up, showing that some of the best horror was in the silent era, when people had to rely on performance and direction in place of sound
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its hard to pick, because 1.) sadly, Disney kinda has the monopoly on animated films, and 2.) there are so films out there nowadays that are truely animated (as opposed to CGI garbage)

so, Im going with this.
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I could have picked this for favorite comedy, but here it is.

And this. Not only becuase its a great film, but its also the source of an often halarious meme
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Unlike most "comedy" movies these days that consist of nothing more than fart jokes, sex jokes, pot jokes, "shock humor" and pop culture references that are dated before the movie is even released, this one actualy had wit, satire, and, dare I say, JOKES.
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its really hard for me to think of one thats a straight-up "action film" as opposed to a martial arts, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc. film. But I remember really liking this when I saw it...
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This is the scariest film Ive seen in recent memory

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one of those films I cant watch too often without getting depressed/suicidal
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This is the only movie I can think of (off the top of my head) that's actualy an improvement over the book. While the book is good violence-sploitation, the film actualy expands the characters into more fully diminsional people, and succeeds in making them relatable and likable, while preserving the cynical commentary on society of today
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I dont care what anyone says. I loved Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. But I hate Angelina Jolie. Her fish-lips are ugly (among other things), her fake british accent is fake, and she's highly overrated as an actor.

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Im going to retract my previous entry, and go with this. I dont really care for Ben Affleck (he seems to carry himself like the definitve jock asshole), and he has such movies as Daredevil, Gigli, and Dogma to live down, I found this movie to be spectacular.

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another tough call, but for this one, Im going with Patrick Stewart. Ive always loved this speach.
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I could go with looks or talent, so for this purpose Ill go with talent... and Meryl Streep

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This is a really really tough one. I'd go with Pi, but I already picked that one. Honorable mentionsl also go to Lost Highway, Trainspotting, Spawn, Natural Born Killers, Escape from LA, and Donnie Darko. But, for the purposes of this one, Im giong with a two-fer- The Crow and The Crow: City of Angels
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I would have gone with titanic (which is a poor remake of 'A Night to Remember' if I didnt already use that movie, and I would have gone with Gus Van Sant's Psycho, if Ive seen it. So Im going with this. A so grossly mutilated for its rerelease, that it might as well be a remake. traditional puppets combined with CGI monstrocities just do not work. its awkward. And if it isnt broke (that badly), DONT FIX IT.
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Day 9: Best movie to Watch Alone
I plaed the 5th.

Day 10: Best Movie to Watch With Friends
Bad movies are the best to watch with friends. But I remember having a good time watching this film with friends.

Day 11: Movie That Surprised You
8 Mile

Im ambivilant about Enimem, and Im not that into rap/hip hop, and when I heard about this movie, I thought it not more than just another flavour of the month fad star vehicle. but I was surprised how well this movie was made and written, and that Marshal Mathers had sufficient screen talent.

Day 12: Movie Remake You Would LIKE to See

I always thought David Lynch should remake Glen or Glenda
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