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Im too lazy/time-constricted/frustrated with computer performance to write out commentary, but Id be willing and able to discuss on a film-by-film basis

*The Good films

Place Beyond the Pines
12 Years a Slave
Old Boy
Kings of Summer
Blanca Nieves
The Butler
Hobbit Desolation of Smaug
Thor The Dark World
Pacific Rim
Much Ado About Nothing
Blue is the Warmest Color
Escape Plan
Side Effects
Oz: The Great and Powerful
Kick Ass 2
Star Trek Into Darkness
Iron Man 3
Dead Man Down
Inside Llewyn Davis
Grudge Match
Enders Game
Zero Dark Thirty
In a World
Out of the Fire
Bling Ring
Despicable Me 2
Olympus Has Fallen
42 Ronin
Still Mine
American Hustle
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Last Vegas
Monsters University
Hunger Games 2
Saving Mister Banks
Great Expectations
Man of Steel
Captain Phillips
Beautiful Creatures
The Great Gatsby
Escape from Tomorrowland

*The OK Films

Hanzel Und Gretyl
Machette Kills
Lone Ranger
Now You See Me
World's End
All is Lost
Hyde on the Hudson
World War Z

*The Bad films

Jack the Giant Slayer
A Good Day to Die Hard
Gangster Squad
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GREAT year for films, I thought. Of course, with me having nothing but time to kill for the first half of the year gave me pleanty of opportunities to go out to the theatres. 4.00 Matinees at the Cinemark plus the new Alamo Drafthouse gave me alternating affordable and indulgent options. It was such a great year, its just about impossible to rank them all. So Ill just group them into tiers- Lead Tier, Middle Tier, and Poor Tier

The Avengers

When I first heard of the project- a genuine cross-over film featuring plot tie ins from 5 seperate films, I thought it was a bit too ambitious. Alot could happen between Iron Man 1 and Captain America- studio bankruptcy, contract disputes, actors leaving, lack of sales, etc. But Avengers delivered. Man, did it ever deliver. Normaly, Im one to say that Joss Whedon is vastly overrated, but not this time. It all came together, and came together well, feeling like a natural sequal to all the previous films at once. Too bad Edward Norton couldnt return as Hulk, but his replacement did the job well (and probably better than Norton). It proved that it CAN be done, and done well. Fun, exciting, and thrilling. But of course, how does one top it? And with Thanos on the horizon, it may once again be teasing at something it cant deliver.


Prior to Casino Royale, I had never once seen a Bond film, nor did I really want to. But I found myself really enjoying the Daniel Craig films. Gone were all the silly fantasy elements, chauvinism, world death rays, etc. It became a solid sophisticated and mature spy/action film with intrique, subtlety, multi-diminsional empathetic characters and development, and threats that were a bit more grounded in reality. And Skyfall kept up the pace wonderfully. Yes, it did introduce updated elements from the old archetypes and characters, winking homages to the gadget cars, but still updated for the 21st century and grounded in reality. If its the last film in the Craig series, its a grand finale. And Javier Bardem is AMAZING as the psychotic anti-Bond villain, a twisted reflection of what Bond could have become, the dark consequential reality of the life of a movie spy, reminding us that its not all connery and moore.


This film got a lot of flack for being hard to follow, and in some ways it was, but sometimes, that can be a good thing. Its good to have a challenge, something to think about. This film was just stunningly beautiful and made me a believer in 3D films. Dark, moody, atmospheric, brutal, and raising all sorts of philosophical questions about the meaning of life, creators, religion, etc. A worth edition to the Alien series.

A Seperation

A very powerful film with great performances, but what I liked most, was the look at relatively average Iranian life, and that its not all american hating islamic conservativism.


An afternoon lunch meeting gone to hell. What starts out as the parents of two kids involved in a schoolyard fight devolves into a soul-shattering yet strangely halarious disintegration of relationships, and adult animosity. Brilliantly acted, written, directed, and played.
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2010 was actualy a damned good year in movies. I really cant think of too many films I out and out hated... Maybe I was more discriminating in what films I went to, or maybe I was too forigiving of the turkeys. I also noticed a theme from this year being campy, indulgent-but-fun ensamble caper action explosion summer movies. At any rate...

Film of the Year

Christopher Nolan yet again delivers. But more than that, this film is going to have some more deeper meanings for me. I was watching this movie the night Lesa was murdered. And what with this film dealing with feelings of loss, memory, regret, acceptance, moving on with life, etc., in some ways, it feels apropriate.

High End
The King's Speech

Less as story about speech therepy and stuttering problems, and more a character story of George VI, a shy timid person as a result of a strict victorian upbringing, who is forced into a position of greatness, and how he rises to the challenge, and conquors his own doubts by leanring to trust others. Great performances, and great direction.

Kick Ass

Sex. Violence. Revenge. Comedy. What more could you want in a film? Ok, believable characters, good story, good acting, and good direction. Just straight up fun with enough intellegence and character to prevent it from being over-the-top lowbrow. One of those rare book-to-movie productions that actualy is an improvement on the source material.

Shutter Island

Scorsese scores again, this time venturing into the genre of mindfuck-thrillers, and comes out on top... Pity this film was delayed until after oscar season...

The Town

A great, moody noir type film, with a surprisingly good performance out of Ben Afleck (who normaly I cant stand), and the now-late, great Pete Postelwaith delevers a memorable final performance.

Toy Story 3
Yes. I fought back a few tears at this one,I admit. Pixar delivers again, sentimental, without being sappy or sugary.

The Expendables
How much testosterone can you cram into one movie? Honestly, I wasnt expecting too much out of this one, just a film that blows-up real good. But I was shocked and surprised to find myself enjoying this one so much. Yes, its a unpretentious shallow guy movie, with chicks, tough yet sensitive guys, brotherhood, and 'splosions and fightin'. But it all comes together so well with this one, I cant help but enjoy it.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Not perfect, but pretty damned good, this one has to be Oliver Stone's best film since Any Given Sunday. Its a pleasure to see him return to form after such disasters as Alexander and World Trade Center. Yes, its a prodigal return, but Stone pulls it off without it feeling forced, and oddly enough, this one is just as timely and relevant as the original 80s version. Yes, the ending is a little, well, against character for several of the cast, but even still, makes for a good ending.

Up in the Air
Great little film about the lack of job and emotional security of life.

Another rock and roll rise and fall to/from fame. But Floria Sigismondi makes it hers.

The A Team
Another summer action-ensamble 'splosion film. But still fun and enjoyable as far as shallow caper films go.

Secret of Kels
One of the best animated films this year. And it wasnt even CGI or 3-D or any of that garbage. Just great, classic 2-D hand animation, in the same vein as Gendy Tartakofski. Fun, and well animated.

Morning Glory
The intellegent version of Get him to the Greek, with actual intelegent humour and character. I was surprised to find myself liking this one.

I didnt read the books, but I could still sence the voice and style of Warren Ellis, with their quirkey characters, clever dialouge, and a stately english woman, with a big gun.

True Grit
Never saw the original, but with a film like this, why would I want to? A straight-up, well done western, with another amazing performance from Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin

The American
Dark, moody noir film. Depressing, yet fullfilling at the same time.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.1
Its all almost over now. While several complained about the lingering scenes between the actions on the run, I myself enjoyed them, and felt they added to the quality of the film.

Ramona and Beezus
Given how much I enjoyed the books as a kid, I made it a point to indulge in this one. And was pleased with the results. One of the better family films, Ive seen... something for the whole family, without dumbing things down, or white-washing the serious content. Much like the books I remember.

Black Swan
Still processing this one, but I enjoyed what I saw. Heh heh heh...

Jonah Hex
Whats this? A turkey in the top rated section? Honestly, I got exactly what I expected- a short and simple time waster... an old west version of Constantine. I find it more humourous that everyone who hated this film talk as if they expected great things out of this. Its not like its Superman level property, right? I certainly wasnt expecting the Dark Knight, but I am glad that it wasnt Daredevil, either.

Mexican shaft. Yes, I disagreed with alot of the pro-immigration sentiment. But honestly? This isnt a film meant to be taken seriously. Its just fun, silly, violent, self-indulgent mexploitation.

Date Night
Seeing this film after returning from New York made it all the more enjoyable. Yes, it stretches credibility very far, but honestly, that was part of the charm of the film.

Easy A
a good, intellegent teen movie... although the plot did hit a little too close to home for me at times...

Despicable Me
I was surprised to see an intellegent and well done CGI movie that WASNT produced by Pixar.

Youth in Revolt
Oh, Michael Cera, you'll be playing a 18 year old until youre 30.

The Social Network
I was hesitant about seeing this one. And one thing that bugs me about writing fictional stories about real life characters, is the question of why they dont just go all out and create fictional characters to go with their fictional story? But it was a good citizen kane-type story, with a good performance from the lead starring as Micheal Cera as Mike Zuckerburg.

a fine documentary about ocean life. Not bad.

Robin Hood
a little different take on Robin Hood... I give it credit for creativity, but I still like the BBC series better.

128 hours
Guy gets his hand trapped under a rock for 128 hours. Sounds boring, right? Well, Danny Boyle takes would could be a boring topic, and turns it into a surreal sturggle against self for survival.

Crazy Heart
Another film about a washed up has been trying to get back up again. Not bad, but doesnt reinvent the wheel either.

A Solitary Man
Well directed and acted. Made me really feel for the characters loss, despite my own heterosexist tendencies.

Clash of the Titans
Despite its hastely cobbled together forced edits made to meet the studio's 3D quota demand, I found it enjoyable enough

Middle End

Iron Man 2
I dunno.... the 1st one was a masterpiece... this one, while not bad, wasnt as good either.


The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus
Tom Waits is the devil again. A fine film, with great effects... but I just couldnt connect with it.

Tron: Legacy
a good music video. And while visualy stunning, the plot is about as deep and branched as you'd expect out of the Disney sludgefactory.

The Last Air-Bender
Yes, everyone hated this film. And while the child-lead actor was terrible, I didnt think this film was THAT bad. Then again, Ive never watched the cartoon, so I wouldnt know.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Hipster Porn!

Alice in Wonderland
I thought it was an interesting and differnt take on the mythos. And while the Mad Hatter just wasnt right, I LOVED the two queens.

OSS 117: Lost in Rio
Very disappointed with this one. This film seems to be an apology for the dated sexism and chauvinism of the 1st one... and instead of embracing what makes both so absurd and halarious in practice, it mostly critisizes and finger-wags it away. Not to say that it didnt have its moments, of course...

Not really bad for a documentary about how different cultures raise thier babies... but gets a little boring after a while, not to mention the babies getting a little on the irritating side what with the crying and all...

Legend of the Guardians
Visualy impressive, and very shallow. Just like all the other Zach Snyder films.

Low End
The Other Guys
Yes, it had its jokes. But a little Will Farrel can go a looooong way. And I just dont like Will Farrel all that much. Really, it could have helped by knowing when to say when, and maybe organizing the plot a little better. And what the fuck was up with the bail-out lecture at the end? what the hell did that have to with anything in the movie?

Get Him to the Greek
mindless fart-jokes, sophomore gross-out "humour", and unlikable characters forced to look "pretiously deep"- Typical Apatow film. It had its moments, Ill give it that... but its just not my thing. Russel Brand is more annoying than funny, really. And how many fat, 20-something spaced-out-looking jewfro-wearing men do we need in film?

and worst film of the year goes to:
The Wolfman
I expected better things out of this. And I can tell they do the best they can with what they have. But the special effects are very lacking... direction suffered from too many cuts and poor timing, and the Wolfman looks less scary and more like a cuddly teddy bear. Not impressed.
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I suppose Ive worked/procrastinated on this long enough.

Here's the list of best films of the decade, limited to the arbitrary number of 75. Based more on personal taste than on quality. Ill just write about the 1st five. Ill leave you to discuss ignore the rest.

I didnt really go out to the movies much as the decade started. At that point, I was playing catch up with what would be called "essential" movies by checking them out at the library I worked at. Around 2002 or 2003 was when I started going out more often, what with the Warren in Old Town finishing contstruction, and my own desperate attempts to escape reality. And then there was also moving to KC, and a larger availability of films.

As far as trends of the decade? Well, lets see, there was of course improved technology and etc. Comic book movies were the big fad. Also, one might say the end of the decade brought about the "sad old washed up has-been" genre. And, sadly, there were the cheap "genre"-movie films, horribly pandering sophomore movies, and even dumber summer films. And now there is IMAX and "3-D" novelties. And the expansion of the major studio "independant" genre. But really, in the end, as one might be able to tell the differnce between a movie made in 1979 and 1989, and maybe tell the difference between a movie made in 1989 and 1999, I have to say that its hard for me to tell the difference between a movie made in 1999 and 2009. Things really didnt change too much in the end.

1. Memento- Christopher Nolan- 2000

I 1st saw this at a friends house in fall of 2002. What I love about this film is, not only the unique storytelling technique of having two stories- one going backwards and one going forwards, and meeting at the end- to highten the feeling of the persons amnesia in that you are learning the story of what has happened along with the main character, but also how memories are manipulated by ourselfs and others. Sometimes for good ends. sometimes for bad ends. And it was here that I fell in love with Christopher Nolan. And in the end, it beautifuly shows the futility of everything, despite how we still keep trying to make sense of it all.

2. Requiem for a Dream- Darren Arronofski- 2000

A brutal look at addiction, and how we may try to struggle against it, ends up only consuming and destroying us in the end. The follow up from Pi (my personal favorite film of all time), with a great score from Clint Mansell, which has provided us with a decade of cheesy melodramatic film and sports event trailors.

3. The Dark Knight- Christopher Nolan- 2008

The Big Summer Craze of 2008. But more than just a summer blockbuster, it shows a villain who isnt just "cukoo for cocopuffs" crazy, but more someone with a cold, absolute hatred and contempt for society, who not only wants to destroy the things "normal" people hold near and dear and sacred, but to prove a point that anyone, even the most decent people, are just like him deep down inside. And even the most heroic of victories are still hollow on the inside. And it still would have been just as poignent and powerful, even without the death of Heath Ledger.

4. The Aviator- Martin Scorsese- 2004

These are the years leading up to the obcessive insanity of Howard Hughes. This movie was important to me, in that when I saw it, I was in the middle of my own little bout of a nervous breakdown and rampant paranoia. Not only was it a great show of the decadant 20s and 30s hollywood, and I loved Howard Hughes' triumph against the odds. Even if he did only win the battle to end up loosing the war, so to speak.

5. Gran Torino- Clint Eastwood- 2008

This is one of those rare films that I can watch again and again, and pick up something new from each viewing. Here we have an angry, bitter old man, seeing himself as the last of his kind at war with a changing world. And then begins to slowly come out of his shell, begins to make a difference in the world of others, and at the same time, the world of others making a small difference in his own world. Youth and old age. And in the end, a person who others see as an old, dieing dinosaur, and make a difference, and be useful again.

and the rest...
6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Tim Burton- 2005
7. Donnie Darko- Richard Kelly- 2001
8. Insomnia- Christopher Nolan- 2002
9. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events- Brad Silberling- 2004
10. Capote- Bennett Miller- 2005
11. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow- Kerry Conran- 2004
12. The Prestige- Christopher Nolan- 2006
13. OSS 117 : Cairo Nest of Spies- Michel Hazanavicius- 2007
14. Red Dragon- Brett Ratner- 2002
15. Spider-Man 2- Sam Raimi- 2004
16. Eastern Promises- David Cronenberg- 2007
17. Doubt- John Patrick Shanley- 2008
18. The Departed- Martin Scorsese- 2006
19. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy- Peter Jackson- 2001-2003
20. Shaun of the Dead- Edgar Wright- 2004
21. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines- Jonathan Mostow- 2003
22. My Super Ex-Girlfriend- Ivan Reitman- 2006
23. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World- Peter Weir- 2003
24. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone- Chris Columbus- 2001
25. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford- Andrew Dominik- 2007
26. Brokeback Mountain- Ang Lee- 2005
27. Finding Neverland- Marc Forster- 2004
28. Hellboy- Guillermo del Toro- 2004
29. Coraline- Henry Selick- 2009
30. No Country For Old Men- Joel and Ethan Cohen- 2007
31. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie For Theatres- Dave Willis- 2007
32. The Matrix Reloaded- The Wachowskis- 2003
33. Mullholland Drive- David Lynch- 2001
34. Sin City- Robert Rodriguez- 2005
35. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- Mike Newell- 2005
36. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon- Ang Lee- 2000
37. The Last King of Scotland- Kevin Macdonald- 2006
38. Constantine- Francis Lawrence- 2005
39. X2: X-Men United- Bryan Singer- 2003
40. Gangs of New York- Martin Scorsese- 2002
41. Casino Royale- Martin Campbell- 2006
42. The Fantastic Mr. Fox- Wes Anderson- 2009
43. Rocky Balboa- Sylvester Stallone- 2006
44. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- David Fincher- 2008
45. 9- Shane Acker- 2009
46. Quantum of Solace- Marc Forster- 2008
47. Iron Man- Jon Favreau- 2008
48. The Hurt Locker- Kathryn Bigelow- 2009
49. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy- 2005
50. The Forbidden Kingdom- Rob Minkoff- 2008
51. The Incredibles-Brad Bird- 2004
52. Downfall- Oliver Hirschbiegel- 2004
53. A Beautiful Mind- Ron Howard- 2001
54. American Psycho- Mary Harron- 2000
55. Revolutionary Road- Sam Mendes- 2008
56. Zombieland- Ruben Fleischer- 2009
57. Letters from Iwo Jima- Clint Eastwood- 2006
58. Grindhouse- Robert Rodriguez/Quinten Tarrentino- 2007
59. The Box- Richard Kelly- 2009
60. Brick- Rian Johnson- 2005
61. Bobby- Emilio Estevez- 2006
62. Batman Begins- Christopher Nolan- 2005
63. Big Fish- Tim Burton- 2003
64. Bad Santa- Terry Zwigoff- 2003
65. Spirited Away- Hayao Miyazaki- 2001
66. Alien vs. Predator- Paul W.S. Anderson- 2004
67. Balls of Fury- Robert Ben Garant- 2007
68. Watchmen- Zack Snyder- 2009
69. W.- Oliver Stone- 2008
70. Elizabeth: The Golden Age- Shekhar Kapur- 2007
71. The Golden Compass- Chris Weitz- 2007
72. From Hell- Albert and Allen Hughes- 2001
73. A Scanner Darkly- Richard Linkletter- 2006
74. American Dreamz- Paul Weitz- 2006
75. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith- George Lucas- 2005

there you go. discuss, question, and contradict.
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Yes. Ive seen bad films this decade. Some very, very bad films. You know what they say, you rolls your dice, and you takes your chances. Yes, there were films released that were obviously bad (GI Joe, Kangaroo Jack, The entire goddamned "fill-in-the-blank-genre" movie "parodies") that I of course avoided. After all, I dont need to go to the dump to know that its going to smell like shit. But sometimes, one just has to see a bad movie, just so one can appreciate a good movie all the more.

Worst Film of the Decade:
1. The Devil's Rejects- 2005.
While I can give credit to House of 1000 Corpses for having style for its lack of substance, this film had neither. Slasher porn, depravity-for-the-sake-of-depravity, horrible, unlikable characters who, somehow, Im supposed to feel sorry for as the persecuted heroes in the film. That, and they all died to the song of Freebird. FREEBIRD. GODDAMNED FREEBIRD! How white-trash can you get? Redeeming Qualities? If I think of any, Ill let you know.

2. Drawing Restraint 9- 2005
2 and a half hours of an old japanese man beating on a drum and yelling unintellegible japanese things no stop, while dissecting a whale. Also, Bjork gets naked and takes a bath. Pretentious art-house drivil, that seems to be an endurance test for how much art-house pretention one can stomach before either falling asleep, or turning off the film. Redeeming Qualities? Um, well, Im sure the film has SOME kind of point, maybe. That, and Im sure it can be used for all sorts of "emperor's new clothes" type pranks against pretentious arty-type posers.

3. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem- 2007
While I will go on the record and vigerously defind AVP1 as a good film, this film is indefensible. Gaping plot holes, bargin-bin horror-survivilst-genre characters, and gore that goes beyond even horror taste. Redeeming qualities? well, even though the fights were anti-climatic, they were at least enjoyable while they lasted.

4. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen- 2009
The 1st one, while by no means a good film, was at least stomachable, this one is just plain bad. Lowest common denominator "bro" humour, Plot threads that never do get resolved, cheesey hammy acting and dialog, and over-extended and longer that it should have been. In other words, a Michael Bay movie. a below average michael bay movie. Redeeming Qualities? Well, Soundwave was kinda cool, Ill give it that.

5. Battlefield Earth- 2000.
Ah yes, and would this list be complete without the punchline that will live on long after we're all dead? Bad camera angles, hammy acting from Travolta that can only be called confusing, and a plot thats just TOO convient (and not too subtle either in its Scientology bents.) Redeeming qualities? While its a bad sci-fi movie, its a GREAT comedy.

6. Gigli - 2003
A film that seems to be confused about itself. The world's worst hitmen (and hitwoman) kidnap the mayor's retarded brother for ransom, while the kid thinks he's going to Baywatch. Yeah. As bad as that sounds on paper, imagine how bad it comes out on film. So it all comes out as either a bad mob movie, a bad black comedy, and/or a bad romantic comedy. And the poor cast doesnt help things either. Redeeming qualities? Like Battlefield Earth, its a great party film to watch and make fun of.

7. Beerfest- 2006
A typical sophomoric "bro" film. Redeeming qualities? For all its bad, tasteless humour, I can give it credit for having no pretentions about being anything better than what it is, and I can admit to getting a chuckle here and there.

8. Wanted- 2008
What was a great (if a little flawed) graphic novel, what we got was a hokey and silly shoot-em-up non-sense film that just didnt add up. Redeeming Qualities? James McAvoy gave the movie some good character, Ill give it that.

9. Burn After Reading- 2008
The last line in the film sums up this needlessly complicated and pointless film full of horrible unlikable characters- "God, what a clusterfuck." Redeeming qualities? John Malkovich gives a good performance, and Tilda Swinton is hawt.

10. Master of Diaguise-2002
This movie broke my heart. I loved Dana Carvey on SNL. And while the movie was a great showcase for his impersonation skills, it really isnt anything else. Carvey mentioned that alot of the film was written by his 10 year old son. Seeing is believing. Redeeming qualities? I loved the turtle man skit.

11. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer- 2007
One for both the "needless sequal" bin and "bad comic adapation" bin. Redeeming qualities? Well, for about 15 minutes, they actualy got Dr. Doom RIGHT, and I still enjoyed the chemistry between Michael Chikliss' Thing, and the Human Torch. Honestly, I couldnt tell this film apart from the 1st one.

12. The Ice Harvest-2005
Harold Ramos had admitted that he picked Wichita as the film setting, so he wouldnt have to do research on a city or film on location because people wouldnt be able to tell. Being from Wichita, and knowing Wichita is nothing like whats shown in the film, makes it loose all creditibility. Redeeming qualities? I can give it points for atmostphere. Even if I was too distracted to follow the film.

13. S. Darko- 2009
Of course, there are all sorts of 'straight to video' or 'made for TV' films I could mention, but this is the one I will. Like a bad xerox film, a cheap knock-off tyring to cash in on the cult popularity of a grand masterwork. Redeeming Qualities? Ill give it points for a good soundtrack, moments where the film did get somewhat interesting, and an E for effort.

14. The Passion of the Christ - 2004
No, Im not harping on it becuase its a religious film, nor because of the accusations of anti-semitisim. Im harping on it becuase its a glorified pretentious snuff-film. But, isnt it supposed to show the suffering of Christ? Well, sometimes less is more, Mel. If it wasnt for it being about Jebus, it would have been condemned as a horrible shock-film. Redeeming qualities? I thought the idea of filimg the dialog in armiac an interesting touch, even if it didnt quite work that well. And I can give it credit for at least being uncomprimising.

15. Superman Returns- 2006
Perhaps this could have been a good film... if the director just tired to do his own thing instead of just photocopying Donner and Reeves. Redeeming qualities? I enjoyed Kevin Spacey's performance as goofey Luthor, and I thought the idea of Superman having an illigitmate Bastard an interesting one.

16. Monkeybone-2001
I really Cant say that I hated this movie... but it was a big disappointment. it could have been great, and Im sure it looked good on paper, but it just wasnt well executed. Redeeming qualities? It makes for great ambiant visuals.

and the rest...
17. Party Monster - 2003
not so much a bad film, as one that didnt agree with me. And the anachronistic soundtrack really bugged me.

18. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen- 2003
I remember really liking the film when it 1st came out, but the more I watched it, the less I liked it. I did get the sensation of a good film being trapped in poor execution. But given what Ive seen in the deleted scenes, it could have been far worse...

19. Ghost Rider- 2007
Less of a bad film, more of a listless and bland film. Really, you could have subsituted just about any comic book character stable, and gotten the same movie. And Peter Fonda gives a "give me my paycheck and get me the hell out of here" performance. I can give it credit for Nicholas Cage giving it his all, and having a fun time with his little passion project.

20. Moulin Rouge- 2001
But... how could I hate moulin rouge?!?! Well, I cant say I hated it too much... Yes, its a very stylish film, but not much else. I found it far too overdramatic and overdone for my tastes.

21. The Simpsons-2007
a pointless movie from a tv series that should have been put out of its misery 12 years or (or retired at the top of its form 15 years ago) Although, one might find it fun to watch the films, and see how many recycled plot threats from episodes past one can find...

22. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest- 2006
While the 1st and the last ones were enjoyable enough... this one just seemed to be pointless filler. Then agian, I dont care for pirates, nor do I care for Jerry Brukheimer.

23. Star Wars: The Clone Wars- 2008
And here I was hoping for a repeat of the animation masterwork that was the 1st Clone Wars miniseries. Instead, what we got was horrible CGI-Claymation. And Jabba the Hut's gay uncle, Truman Capote, as the villain. Those dumb star wars kids will buy anything...

24. One Hour Photo- 2002
A good copy of Stanley Kubrik is still not a good film. But Robin Williams still gives an amazing performance, even if Mark Romanek is an untallented plagerist. But all of this could have been forgivable, and the film even enjoyable, if it wasnt for the bullshit cop-out ending.

25. Observe and Report- 2009
See above. i was hoping for a great and intellectual comedy about a mall cop with obvious mental disorders that was a parody of the christopher nolan-style epic hero films (which, at its high points, was and was great), by the end of the film, fell flat and devolved into just another Bro-comedy.

27. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor- 2008.
At this point, we reach films that arent half bad, but arent half good either. Such as this film. All the heart was there, and I did have high expectations, but just ended up falling flat on its face. Like a movie thats just in it for the money.

Its really hard to name a year that was worst in film, because most years still had good films to outnumber the bad, so Im not going to name one.

Review, and discuss.
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Now comes the year of film, 2009.

Listed in order of preference, with small commentaries here and there.

Film the the year: Gran Torino
yeah yeah yeah, techincal it was released in limited art houses in 2008, but since it wasnt released to the general public in 2009, and I didnt see it until 2009, Im classifying it as a 2009 movie. Seldom do I see a movie in which I can genuinly find no fault in, and even rarer do I see a movie in which I can watch over and over again and pick up something new (as opposed to finding a new thing to not like about a film). Of course I could go on and on, but Im tired, and not really feeling like writing essays.

2. Coraline
Another beautifuly animated movie from Henry Selick, complete with that quirky gothy weirdness,.... both are a rarity in this day and age of cheap digital animation studios ripping each other off every summer with bland, unchallenging, lazy family fare.

3. 9
Despite a summer of "aliens" being the theme for digital animation sludge factories this year, the year had some great and unique animated films this year. 9 is one of them (not to be confused with Nine, or Disctric Nine- one would thing Nine being another common theme for the year, along with overweight+emotionaly distressed black teens) But anyway, I found 9 to be a stunningly amazing and beautiful animated take on the common post-apocalyptic theme.

4. The Fantastic Mr. Fox
I found this film to be the best Anderson film Ive seen since Rushmore (then again, I havnt seen Dharjling Limited yet). Not only is the animation amazing, but its a great story about midlife crisises, being true to your nature while still being responsible to and for people under your care. And just really, great fun.

5. Zombieland
Another great entertaing take on the zombie genre. Dare I say, it was like the american version of Shaun of the Dead. Great, bloody fun with characters that I could still care about without being too sappy, overdone, or one-diminsional.

6. Earth
7. Slumdog Millionare
8. Revolutionary Road
9. The Hurt Locker
10. The Brothers Bloom

11. Watchmen
This film, well, I have such divided opinions about this film. Its far from perfect, but given what a perfectionist I am and how near and dear to my heart I hold the book, I may have been a bit unfair to it. Some characters were dead-on (i.e. Roarsach), some characters werent quite perfect, but still good enough (Manhattan), and others were just completely off the mark (Silk Spectre, Ozymandias). When it was good, it was PERFECT. When it wasnt, it was WAAAAY off. All in all, I just wish it didnt end with a goddamned Good Charlotte song. but eh, could have been worse. Good enough, but pretty damned good enough.

12. The Box
Given the bizzare non-sequite beautiful-but-incomprehensible nonsense that was Southland Tales, this film has completly redeemed Richard Kelly in my eyes. A (relatively) easy to follow suspensive morality play involving government spooks, and probably aliens, was weird, but not so off planet that it lost my interest, along with compelling performances.

13. The Wrestler
A stunningly amazing film, but a bit too depressing for me to throughly consider it perfect. Painful to watch, but in all the good ways.

14. Men Who Stare At Goats

15. The Road
A great survivalist story. The film makes no attempt to explain the apocalypse, which only helps the film emphasise that its a story about the survivors, and not the circumstances. Featuring one of the most chillingly disturbing moments Ive seen in a long time on film. Two words- cellar door.

16. Star Trek
I found myself enjoying this film more than I thought I would, but I didnt think it was as good as it should have been. Yes, I could go on and on about illogical continuity erros and whatnot (i.e. Nokia and Beastie Boys seemed to have pulled through the 21st century WWIII Nuclear armegeddon pretty ok), but compelling performances and a adequete plot made it enjoyable enough, even if it seemed like more a shallow-but-good summer blockbuster movie and less like an actual deep and intriquing Star Trek movie.

17. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
I may have liked this movie more if I didnt see it immediatly after a text argument with an ex... but it was better than the last one.

18. The Young Victoria

19. Wolverine Origins
I thought this film was better than the reviews had suggested. Yes, the effects were a little cheap by todays standards, but they only have themselves to blame due to the movie being prematurely leaked and thus production getting rushed. From a comic book afficinado's standpoint, I thought Sabretooth's protrayal was dead perfect, Deadpool was a little different but passable. But then again, I thought Gambit was a bit wasted and superflous.

20. White Out
Another film I thought was vastly under-rated. I thought this was a great and straightfoward murder mystery in a prime exotic (and isolated) location with likably characters. Then again, I think I may be biased towards survivalist films set in Antartica...

21. A Serious Man

22. Ponyo
Strictly for the kids, but still a very enjoyable kids movie.

23. Extract
24. Taken

25. Where the Wild Things Are
A passable film, with great imagination, but probably still deeper than it should have been. Hollywood needs to learn, that making 2 hour movies out of 10 page children's books, really is not a good idea in practice. Even with the best results such as Where the Wild Things Are, still dont turn out quite right.

26. The pink Panther 2
I dont care what anyone says. I loved the 1st one, and I liked this one just as much.

27. Sherlock Holmes
28. Taking Woodstock

29. District 9
not a bad film... It felt like a great film by high school standards, but too many plot and character illogicals that I couldnt shake for me to get as much out of it as I probably should have.

30. Public Enemies
31. 500 Days of Summer
32. The Fourth Kind

Now for the bad ones...

33. Terminator Salvation
This Movie could have been saved, if the plot focused less on John Conner, and they didnt spoil the goddamned plot twist in the trailors and commercials. I cant say that I hated it, but I can say that it was unnecessary and a wasted opportunity.

34. Observe and Report
This film could have been great, and got pretty damned close to being perfect, like a straight-faced mature-vresion of Mall cop... I went in expecting for and hoping for a paradoy of Christopher Nolan, but in the end, all I got was just another fart-joke cheap laugh movie. To its credit though, I can honestly say that there were moments that were great and perfect. Sadly, they were few and far between, and just not enough to save this movie.

35. S. Darko
All the style, but none of the substances of the source material... talk about your unnecessary sequals. Almost like a fan film made by a competant ameture, who loved Donnie Darko, but just didnt get what the movie was all about. Ill give it credit for a passing soundtrack, and a few intriqueing scenes, but ulitmately, just a cheap knock off, trying too hard to be deep and weird for weird deepness' sake.

And worst movie of the year (and decade) goes to...
Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
Jesus christ, allmighty, where do I begin? Once again, Micheal Bay presents another explosion-porn movie, comeplete with blackface ministral humour, in a world where all females are shallow sex-obcessed whores, college kids are testosterone-obcessed party-mongers, where dialog and be composed of cornball patriotic one-liner non-sense, where there is no plot to speak of (and if there is, its just random.... I dunno, I just have no words for it.) And the film was in the 2:30 length time frame. 2 and one half goddamned hours of over-extended, melodramtic, lowest common denominator audio/visiual pollution! Is there anything I liked about the film, even for the sake of arguement? Well, ummm..... hmmm.... At least one thing I can say, was I thought the take of Soundwave being a massive orbiting satalite was kinda cool. Even if by the end of the movie they never did resolve that little plot-logic of the fact that no one ever noticed a thing that big, hovering above earth, disrupting all satalite signals on earth. Jesus H Christ, not only did they not look or even spot it accidentaly, they didnt even ask! It would be a comedy, if it wasnt so painful. The two words that best sum up this movie? Devastor Testicals.

Movies I had on my list, and missed were:
The Soloist
Ink Heart
The Reader
Astro Boy
Worlds Greatest Dad
Vampire's Apprentice
The Princess and the Frog

there you go. review. discuss.

coming soon- decades in media.
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So I went to the Midnight opening of Wolverine: Origins at the AMC in Power and Light. Frankly, I find the new AMC theatre a bit on the over-rated side. I was expecting a full dining menu, but basicly, its just a clone of the Cinnemark in the Plaza with the exception of having a bar adjasant to the lobby, but thats about it. Oh, and the the place was shameless name-dropping movie star names, movie names, and movie quotes all over the walls and floors. Ultimately, The Warren in wichita is still far superior. They did have a drawing for a prize package giveaway, which I happened to win. It was a poster, a novelty foam-wolverine-claw-hand, and novelty dogtags.

As for the film, Im really not of the mindset to write a full review, but I found it enjoyable enough as a X-Men fan. Sabertooth was dead-on perfect. Deadpool/Wade Wilson was not without his flaws, but the basic concepts where there.... Not quite as schizophrenicly entertaining in his 4th-wall awareness comic form, but still has that wit about him.

And, for some reason, there was a tent line around the corner after leaving the theatre, for reasons I couldnt fathom. Its not like the midnight show was sold out, and its not like the movie was selling out in other places either. But it was still a fun to kinda attend a gala-type premier of a theater and movie, and see enthusiastic crowds out. As a matter of fact, there were even some celebrity guests in attendance.


who says bipartisanship is dead?
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Its been edited and published

here's part one
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as with last year, Im going to loosely rank them in groups of high end, middle end, and low end selection, with brief blurbs when I feel like it. and links to the IMDB page.

here we go.

High Enders

Film of the Year- The Dark Knight
this is one of those few films that actualy deserves all the hype and praise that it has been recieving from both critical and folk circles. And Im not just saying that out of some crazed fanboy reaction. Ive been a fan of christopher nolan for years, and this film shows off everything he's capable of, not to mention powerful performances from Ekhard and of course Heath Ledger. Granted, I think an Oscar is a tall order, but I think a nomination wouldnt be too much to ask for (and a real one, not one of those phoney-baloney techincal field award crap). All in all, a powerful movie that stays with you long after its over. And while its not the best film of the decade, I would group it in the top ten.

0SS 117: Cairo The Nest of Spies
Take James Bond. merge him with Inspector Cleaseu. And take his chauvinistic and french-cultural-elitist-superiority characteristics to their logical extreme, and you have Oss:117, a brillaint parody of the 1960s spy film, and one of the best comedy films Ive seen in years. Silly, but still far more clever than the average Amerikan Fart Movie of the month.

Iron Man
Definitly one of the best comic films of all time, and serves as a great textbook example of how a comic book origin film SHOULD be done.

Tropic Thunder
Three Amigos meets Full Metal Jacket. Not only is it a great out-of-element type comedy, its also works as a brilliant satire of the hollywood culture and showbiz shallowness in general.

a brilliantly written and acted film, where nothing is clear cut, everything is insinuated but not proven, thus allowing for the audience to share in the doubt of the characters and come to their own conclusions,

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Granted a little long and could do with some editing, regardless it remains a beautiful film on aging, and growing old, and how the two aren not always the same.

In Bruges
Instead of the brit-comedy film featuring the cast of Harry Potter it was advertised as, instead what we have here is a strikingly tragic film about guilt, honor, attonement, and death.

The Forbidden Kingdom
Neverending Story meets Wizard of Oz meets Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (or as the film puts it, spanking monkey)- a great, fun fairy tale adventure with great action sequences

Get Smart
of course, when compared to the original series, Im sure its lacking... but when viewed on its own merits, I thought it a great film that managed to balance goofy with competant character portrayal with some depth to the characters.

Oliver Stone is back in form with this surprisingly sympathetic portrate of a sad, pathetic man-child in a sad, pathetic time in american history.

a grand, well done classic-style western film.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
While the 1st film was in like with Mike Mignola's vision, this one is more in line with Del Toro's vision of fairy tale like villains instead of the Lovecraft-meets-Jack Kirby style of Mignola. Not to say its a bad thing at all... even when Hellboy seems a bit out of his element, Del Toro still crafts a story that Hellboy can still fit in.

The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas
an incredibly powerful and tragic film dealing with the subjects of childhood innocence, coming of age, ties to family vs. state, and one of the most tear-jerkingly powerful endings Ive ever seen.

Quantum of Solace
a great spy thriller film that can pull of being both intellegent AND stylish.

A grand, romantic epic that combines elements of the western, the period drama, the love story, the war story, and the cultural identity story. At times a bit too self important for its own good (and a bit too long also) but still one of the better films of the year.

The translation from the book to the film does loose something (most notably, the themes of cultural identity at home and abroad), leaving the film to appear as not much more than a mopey auto-biography (and the translation from french to english dubbed seems to loose even more in the translation), but at its core is still a solid story beautifuly told and animated

A historical epic of rise of gengis khan, which successfuly portrays him alternately as a caring protector and an iron fisted dictator, with beautiful scenes of the kazakh/mongolian steppes

The Kite Runner
An incredibly tragic story about personal responibility, and courage in the face of certain doom. Not to mention just how fucked up Taliban era Kabul was.

a fine historical epic... maybe a little heavy handed at times, but still well done

The Incredible Hulk
I know Im in the minority on this one, but I still liked the first one, and wouldnt have minded a continuation ofAng Lee's version, but this film wasnt bad at all either.

Medium End
not perfect, but still clever, quirky, and enjoyable enough

Be Kind, Rewind
what could have been another pretentious bizarre film from Michelle Gondry, ends up being a fun light-hearted film for people who just flat out love movies. Granted, it may give people more Jack Black than they would be wanting, and the creditbility gets streatched a bit too far for its own good at times, its still a nice little romp

Speed Racer- Visual eye candy so potent it would give you cavities just looking at it. Despite its heavy handed anti-corporate message, its still an entertaining ride

a great, experimental film (at least by Disney standards) that is a bit more intellegent than the typical pixie-stick fare... although still a bit too sacchrine for my tastes, but still has enough edge and genuine sentiment to make it worth the watch

Rachel Getting Married
otherwise a powerfully great film with brilliant performances, it gets far too bogged down in wedding documentary bride-zilla mumbo-jumbo. Whats the point of an amazingly great film if you're asleep by the time it picks up and gets good?

The Band's Visit
a little depressing with the overdose of "fish-out-of-water-small-town enui", but still a solid and heartfelt story at its core

Gonzo- The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
not terrible, but not exactly covering any new territory, shedding any new light, or uncovering any new stones on the life of the good Doctor.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
yes, it was a disappointment for many. But I for one didnt really think it was that bad. It was still the same old Indy, and I thought they did a brillaint job presenting him as a bit of a relic from the past, out of his element in the world of commies, mccarthyism, nukes, aliens, and the like. And I thought Cate Blanchett was amazing as the dreaded commie. But there were of course flaws (mostly Shia La-fucking-Bouf- Speilburg's no-talent goldenchild), but even he had his moments too.

Punisher: War Zone
as with the last film, they do the best can with what they have, which is a bland one-diminsional character who kills criminals because he hates them. But there is at least some pathos and pain to the character brought to the screen to make it watchable, as well as the zany over-the-top antics of the disfigured villain that make the film just too much fun not to completely hate it.

The Spirit
good lord, where to begin... imagine, if you will, the most un-subtle death metal band doing a cover of the most deep and layered and varied jazz songs, and you might get the idea of whats going on. we have here, either a brilliant satire of the film noir genre, or a horrible insult to Will Eisner, written by a manic-depressive schizopheric who watched Grindhouse too many times. Of course, there are several Frank Miller-sisms (crazy broads, insanely bad dialog, rambling monologs that go no where), but at least there are a few Eisner-isms that hold true to the book, and granted it certainly is stylish, but I could probably stomach it a bit better if he just used original characters instead of an established group of characters writen far better decades ago by a far better writer/artist than Miller

City of Ember
not without its flaws, but still a great escapaist fun film thats amazing to see on the big screen

The Day the Earth Stood Still
looks nice... but that's about it. Nothing more than shallow generalities about the folly of man and the changing of alient hearts. Yawn.

Run Fatboy Run
Simon Pegg seems intent on escaping from clever comedies and opting for bland romantic comedies. This one, not terrible, but not exactly re-inventing the wheel either.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
speaking of which...

Shine a Light
Not bad, a fun little concert film, but Im just not that big a fan of the Stones.

Horton Hears a Who
not as good as I was hoping it would be, but not as bad as I was expecting it to be either. Granted, its easy to play a socio-political tug-o-war with this film (either its evils of intellectualism slant, or the warnings of ignoring environmental warning signs), but, to its credit, it at least has a reconcilitory message at its core, which is more than most films with a less subtle message would offer.


The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
what a sad film this was. At least Brendon Fraiser is still there, trying to pull the weight of the franchise alone... and he does a surprisingly good job, all things considered. But ultimately, its just not enough. Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh's talents are ultimately wasted, relegating them to supporting CGI effects. This film broke my heart, it did.

Star Wars: Clone Wars
instead of keeping with the great animation styles and storytelling techniques of the Clone Wars miniseries, instead it was opted to go for a disturbingly wooden CGI effect and bland plot/dialog. But eh, those dumb star wars fankids will buy anything.

good lord. Instead of being about a secret illuminati of psychotic and vile super-villains that conquoroed and secretely run the world, we have a bland revenge fantasy about a group of incompetant assassins who take their orders from a sewing machine. At least McAvoy brings some moments of entertainment to an otherwise embarrassing disappointment.

Burn After Reading
ugh. Horribly unlikable characters. Plodding plot that goes nowhere and makes less sense. In the end, no one cares what happens to anyone, which I think is also the moral of the story. Neither works. But at least Tilda Swinton makes for some nice eye candy at least.

and worst film of the year goes to....
Alien vs. Predator: Requiem
Good lord. Instead of the suspensful isolated sci-fi thriller that the last one was, what we have here is a plagarization from a textbook slasher-film manual, complete with bland, boring characters, muddled action shots, bland uninspiried script, and a plot flimsier than an episode of Voyager.

Missed opportunites include Youth Without Youth, Syndoche(sp?) New York, Rightous Kill, Milk, and a few other films released in other places in the world within 2008 but probably wont make it to KC until the summer. ah well.

and there you go. discuss.
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Of course, I could go on and on, and spoil everything, so I wont write any in depth reviews.

BUT, I will say this... )

This is a film that just simply must be experienced.

Christopher Nolan is now permantly cemented in my list of all-time favorite directors.
Jul. 9th, 2008 08:50 pm


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1. What movie have you seen the most time in the theater? How many times?
Ehhh... Im drawing a blank.... Im going to step out on a limb and say Star Wars Revenge of the Sith... mostly out of getting dragged out there by friends and etc

2. What was the last movie you walked out of in the theater?
I try to stick it through the whole movie... I mean, I paid for the ticket, so I might as well get the full treatment... but the 3 that drove me the closest to leaving is Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, Evita, and That Bjork whale movie

3. What is the first movie you remember seeing in a theater?
I have very vague memories of going to see Pinochio when I was 3 something

4. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
Its a VERY tough call... there's a selection of soundtracks that I hold very dear... among those being Trainspotting, Lost Highway, Natural Born Killers, The Crow, The Crow City of Angels, Pi, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Edward Scissorhands, Donnie Darco

5. Have you ever dressed up as a movie character for Halloween? If so, who?
well...lets see, last year I was John Merrik, the year before I was Donnie Darco

6. What was the first R-rated movie you ever saw? Were you allowed or did you sneak?
Ummm... hard to say.... Id probably have to say either Rocky Horror Picture show, Used Cars, or some Tommy Chong b-comedy by then-stepmother checked out... I dont remember staying awake through any of them

7. Star Wars (orig. trilogy) or Lord of the Rings?
Well, LotR has less plot holes, illogics, more believable dialog, and less annoying characters. on the other hand, SW has space armadas, and glowstick ninjas...

8. Pacino or DeNiro?
DeNiro has more range, I think

9. Titanic...did it suck or was it great?
It was uncomfortable. My sister duped my grandmother into taking us. So yeah, the nude scenes were kinda awkward. but yes, melodramatic, and overly long

10. What's your take on Cassavetes?
dunno, never heard of them

11. Favorite John Hughes character?
probably Uncle Buck. I used to watch that movie every day after school back in the 2nd grade. Him, and Kevin McAllister. I was about the same age, so yeah, the idea of having the whole house to yourself and thwarting kooky burglers in a zany way was appealing

12. What movie gives you a boner (or makes you tingle)?
There really are alot of different films.... I cant really pin down just one

13. What movie always makes you cry like the big puss you are?
American Beauty. I own the film, but cant bring myself to watch it again. That, and Finding Neverland

14. What's the furthest you've ever gotten in a movie theater? (i.e, second base...)
... pretty far....

15. Speaking of sports metaphors, what's your favorite sports movie?
probably Any Given Sunday, followed by Raging Bull

16. (a) Favorite... teen movie?
Donnie Darko. The macabre twist was a pleasant diversion from the crappy "teen movie" revival of the late 90s that brought us such garbage as American Pie and Cant Hardly Wait

(b)...Quentin Tarantino movie?
Pulp Fiction. Its the perfect movie for a lazy sunday afternoon

(c)...Bill Murray movie?
tough call. alot of my faveorite bill murry moments came from non-bill murray films... Coffee and Cigaretts, Little Shop of Horrors.... but if I had to pick, Id probably go with Caddyshack or Scroodged

(d)...romantic comedy?
My Super Ex-Girlfriend

(e)...gangster movie?
Godfather II

(f)...horror movie?

(g)...made for TV movie?
I dont really see too many of them... but Id probably have to say either Return to the Batcave or Duel

aside from the obvious picks like Scorses, Wells, Kubrick, etc, Id say Christopher Nolan and Ang Lee

(i)...drug movie?
Requiem for a Dream, along with Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas, Drugstore Cowboy and Trainspotting

17. What movie have you seen already but will never, ever, ever watch again?
really hard to say, but I can think of several I would make a conscious effort not to see

18. What movie are you embarrassed to really like?
Dirty Work, and maybe a few of the Star Trek movies

19. What movie should be remade asap?
a serious remake of Plan 9 from Outer Space. And an Arrested Development movie

20. What the F happened to (insert answer)? He used to be so damn funny!
how about Dana Carvey?

21. For the love of everything that's sacred, please someone stop (insert answer) from making another movie!
those people who do those "genre" movies.... yes, Im sure it would be understandable if they came out every 4 years or so, but we've had THREE GODDAMNED MOVIES so far, and a fourth on the way... THIS YEAR ALONE!!!!

22. What movie do all your friends love but you think is whatevs?
those weird-assed forign films.

23. What movie do you love but all your friends think is whatevs?
I would probably say the 1st Hulk movie

24. If you could hump/date/marry any movie character, who would it be?
Lydia Deetz

Pi: Faith in Chaos

26. Book you wish would be made into a movie, and who would direct it?
the sandman... either that, or Sandman Mystery Theatre, or Galapagos
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so the oscars are coming up tomorrow...

I have to work at least until 8 that night... Screenland is having some sort of free party thing, but given the fact that it will probably be 9 by the time I get there, and I dont think I would know anyone there, and Im not really feeling like sitting alone in a crowded room and not being able to talk to anyone there, Ill most likely just go home and watch it....

but anyway, my pics... Now, Im not going to pretend to have seen ALL the nominees, and Im picking people I think should win, as opposed to pics who will probably win... but anyway...

best picture, I was really torn on... My heart wanted to say Juno, but my brains wanted to say No Country for Old Men... but after some thought, Id have to with Juno.... both are excellent films, but in the process of splitting hairs, No Country had one or two plot holes in there that I found more or less annoying (like, who exactly killed the main protagonist?)... Juno was a bit more complete, and when it comes to a narrow choice as this, that's what I have to go by. Attonement was a fine film, and a worthy contender, but compared with what its up against, Id rather give the oscar to the other two films...

best director though, no question, should go to the Cohen bros., who did a fine job crafting a suspensful and dark thriller in No Country,

Best actor should go to Viggo Mortenson. I definitly knew he would get a nomination for Eastern Promises, and its well deserved. Actress would go to Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth the Golden Age (the film wasnt without its problems, but Blanchet gave an amazing performace as a queen who could go from being warm and free-spirited to being a stone-cold bitch at the drop of a hat). Supporting Actor I would give to Casey Affleck for The Assassination of Jesse James (perfectly portraying this crazy weirdo kid that goes from creepy star-struck idol-worshiping kid to a paranoid, haunted remorseful killer)

As far as for the animated catagory (which is kinda a silly catagory, given that REAL animation is a dieing artform in these days of computer-generated films, and if a film is good enough for this nomination, they should be nominated for best film overall) definitly goes to Peresopils (the only REAL animated film nominated this year.)

but yeah, those are my pics for the catagories that Im really interested in. Im no expert, of course, but yeah, anyone care to converse?
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Today, I went out to the firestone out in Overland Park to buy a new tire, because appearantly, since my car is a cop car, I need a special kind of tire, a "V-Rated" tire (or else get all 4 tires replaced, and I dont have that kind of money right now, thank you very much.)... So far, the Firestone in OP (aside from one in Grandview) is the only place I know of so far that sells them.... and from what the guy on the phone from the Firestone off Wornal says, they may only be able to sell them to cops (like what, V-Rated tires are a controlled substance, or something?) I drove out there, and the place was PACKED. It was hot out, and I didnt feel like waiting around. I drove by the KCRW car wash, thought about getting my car washed (its getting kinda dirty) but chickened out... it was hot out, and didnt feel like being sociable, and Im a shy neurotic weirdo like that....

Went home instead, watched The Marx Brothers in A Night at the Opera, by far one of the most clever and witty films Ive ever seen. Then played Final Fantasy VII... I recieved this from an old friend in trade for him coming over to my old place and mooching off my internet back in 2005, and forgot I had it... I figured Id give it a try, hearing that its been rated as one of the greatest video games of all time.... so far, its been pretty damned good.... yes, its kinda difficult to step down after years of current generation games, but so far, its been very enjoyable

Later tonight, I went out to see Spaceballs at Screenland... I remember seeing parts of the last half of the movie on HBO when I was REALLY young, and I figured if I was going to see the whole thing again, it might as well be at Screenland... The film was silly, occaisionly funny, but not really clever at all. Just goofy pop-culture references and puns. But good ones. And, also the source of the best laugh Ive had this week

and for those who are suckers for classics, such as myself...

Good lord, I love this cartoon, even when I was a little kid, watching Loony Toons on Nick... it tells a story without speaking any words, instead relying purely on facial expressions, saying much more than words... and of course also a great story of being alone against a world, a world that cant see that which is obvious to you, and believing you're all the cazier for it... and cannot get rid of your curse, nor profit from your curse.

ah yes, if Youre going to be in KC, you should come see Attrition. and maybe if you're lucky, you'll see High Blue Star too....
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Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is an absolutely flawless movie and there is not one thing wrong with the film.

thats all I wanted to say.
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I recently did a Meme thing on the 100 best films from IMDB, not here's the 100 worst
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I just saw The Last King of Scotland. This has to be one of the most gripping and brutal films Ive ever seen. Forest Whitaker (who Ive always thought looked kinda weird and creepy to begin with) is just awesome, and gives that constant feeling of walking on eggshells whenever he enters a room. All sorts of shakey and tense camera shots. constant use of warm colors. So yeah, go see it, but not if you're one of those faint or nervous types.
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