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posting because Im a sucker for music lists, posting here because I refuse to post anything on facebook, linking to facebook because none of you followed me back to livejournal.
Its tricky, because teens is a 10 year period, and thats a lotta different music

So Ill cheat and do 10 for middle school, and 10 for high school

Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dream
Soundgarden- Superunknown
Nirvana Unplugged
Silverchair- Frogstomp
Hole- Live Through This
Bush- 16 Stone
Primus- Tales from the punchbowl
Garbage- Self-Titled

the crow/the crow city of angels soundtrack
Lost Highway Soundtrack
Marilyn Manson- Antichrist Superstar
Dead Can Dance- Spleen and Ideal
Nine Inch Nails- The Downward Spiral
Trainspotting Soundtrack
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult- Confessions of a Knife
KMFDM- Symbols
PJ Harvey- Is This Desire?
Dark Noise 1999 Compilation
Bauhaus- Crackle
Sisters of Mercy- Floodland
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Marsheaux — Now This Is Fun
Lana Del Rey — Lolita
Death In Rome — What Is Love
The Offspring — Get It Right
Chelsea Wolfe — Grey Days
Super Heroines — Remembering Love
Kirlian Camera — Black August
Marilyn Manson — Deep Six
Marilyn Manson — Slo-Mo-Tion
Kraftwerk — Trans-Europe Express
Sow — Wedge
Marilyn Manson — (s)AINT
Front 242 — Quite Unusual
Lana Del Rey — Born to Die
Rome — Broken
Suicide — Che
Marilyn Manson — D Is For Dirty
Black Sabbath — Heaven and Hell
KMFDM — The Smell
Revolting Cocks — 38
Super Heroines — Children of the Light
Kraftwerk — Metal on Metal
New Order — Singularity
The Chameleons — Soul in Isolation
Plasmatics — The Damned
Eels — The Other Shoe
Rome — A Pact of Blood
Failure — Counterfeit Sky
Rome — Fragments
Laibach — Love On The Beat
Acid Horse — No Name, No Slogan (produced by Cabaret Voltaire)
Acid Horse — No Name, No Slogan (produced by Hypo Luxa & Hermes Pan)
Marilyn Manson — No Reflection
Roy Orbison — Ride Away
Ladytron — Season of Illusions
Alice in Chains — Sludge Factory
Mad Season — Wake Up
Front Line Assembly — Angriff
Marsheaux — August Day
Alice in Chains — Brush Away
Radiohead — Burn the Witch
:Wumpscut: — Capital Punishment
Chelsea Wolfe — Carrion Flowers
Muse — Dead Inside
Sonic Youth — Drunken Butterfly
Einstürzende Neubauten — Hymnen
Front 242 — Junkdrome
Meat Beat Manifesto — Mindstream
Marsheaux — My Secret Garden
Marsheaux — Now You Are Mine
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — O Children
Marilyn Manson — President Dead
Chandeen — Red Letter Days (live)
The Prodigy — The Day Is My Enemy
Marilyn Manson — The Love Song
Einstürzende Neubauten — The Willy-Nicky Telegrams
GWAR — Think You Outta Know This
Chris & Cosey — Walking Through Heaven
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Wanted Man
Pet Shop Boys — West End Girls
Veruca Salt — Wolf
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Lost Highway
Industrial Revolution: Third Edition
Goths Undead
The Crow: City Of Angels
Back To Mono (1958-1969)
Black Bible
The Crow
For The Masses
Dark Noise
Black Box – Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years
Alice in Chains — MTV Unplugged
Escape from L.A.
Cool World
Goth Box
Trainspotting, Vol. 2
Dark Treasures: A Gothic Tribute To The Cocteau Twins
Ren And Stimpy Production Music
Reflections in the Looking Glass: A Tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees
Repo Man
Spawn: The Album
Notes from Thee Real Underground, Vol. 1
Advanced Electronics Vol.5The Carnival Within: A Tribute to Dead Can Dance

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interesting page being generated. of course, the stats are a bit askew due to having to rescrobble various artists tracks because of their general incompetency in resolving page redesign issues, but meh, nothing works anyway.
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rank name playcount
1 Marilyn Manson 769
2 David Bowie 499
3 KMFDM 464
4 Nine Inch Nails 422
5 Laibach 371
6 Ladytron 344
7 Marsheaux 319
8 Front Line Assembly 301
9 Ministry 297
10 Swans 292
11 Tom Waits 287
12 Siouxsie and the Banshees 287
13 The Cure 278
14 The Smashing Pumpkins 277
15 Rammstein 271
16 PJ Harvey 259
17 Black Sabbath 259
18 Einstürzende Neubauten 242
19 Kirlian Camera 239
20 Skinny Puppy 233
21 The Birthday Massacre 229
22 Failure 224
23 Chelsea Wolfe 218
24 Rasputina 215
25 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 214
26:Wumpscut: 211
27 Morphine 210
28 Nirvana 210
29 Soundgarden 205
30 Rome 203
31 Alice in Chains 200
32 Clan of Xymox 199
33 The Electric Hellfire Club 199
34 Veruca Salt 189
35 Client 189
36 Depeche Mode 184
37 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult 174
38 Deftones 172
39 The Raveonettes 171
40 Primus 170
41 Dead Can Dance 168
42 Babes in Toyland 167
43 Switchblade Symphony 164
44 Beastie Boys 162
45 Front 242 162
46 New Order 161
47 Cradle of Filth 161
48 Curve 161
49 Radiohead 159
50 L7 157
51 Android Lust 157
52 Pixies 153
53 Cranes 152
54 Combichrist 151
55 Meat Beat Manifesto 147
56 The Offspring 144
57 Love And Rockets 143
58 Gary Numan 141
59 White Zombie 136
60 The Sisters of Mercy 133
61 Alien Sex Fiend 133
62 Cocteau Twins 131
63 The Prodigy 131
64 Garbage 128
65 PIG 123
66 Arcade Fire 121
67 A Place to Bury Strangers 119
68 Ramones 117
69 Death in June 116
70 Dethklok 116
71 Yeah Yeah Yeahs 115
72 Throwing Muses 113
73 Elastica 113
74 The Cranberries 112
75 R.E.M. 112
76 Bauhaus 111
77 Juno Reactor 111
78 Leæther Strip 108
79 Revolting Cocks 108
80 The Jesus and Mary Chain 108
81 Sonic Youth 107
82 Reverend Horton Heat 107
83 The Velvet Underground 106
84 Underworld 102
85 Queens of the Stone Age 100
86 ADULT. 100
87 Metallica 98
88 Slick Idiot 97
89 Miranda Sex Garden 97
90 Portishead 96
91 Joy Division 96
92 Dandi Wind 96
93 Crystal Castles 96
94 Iggy Pop 94
95 Stone Temple Pilots 93
96 The Creatures 93
97 Eels 89
98 Hum 89
99 Pulp 87
100 Type O Negative 87
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rank, artist, song, playcount

1 Kirlian Camera — Black August 32
2 The Chameleons — Soul in Isolation 30
3 Ladytron — Season of Illusions 29
4 The Birthday Massacre — Surrender 29
5 Die Krupps — Fatherland (Sisters of Mercy mix) 26
6 Marilyn Manson — No Reflection 23
7 Laibach — Love On The Beat 23
8 Marsheaux — August Day 22
9 Chelsea Wolfe — Grey Days 21
10 Alice in Chains — Sludge Factory 18
11 Einstürzende Neubauten — Hymnen 18
12 Black Sabbath — Heaven and Hell 17
13 The Secret Meeting — Touch 17
14 Laibach — See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 17
15 Skinny Puppy — Smothered Hope 16
16 Knorkator — Ich hasse Musik 16
17 The Birthday Massacre — Divide 16
18 Marilyn Manson — Killing Strangers 16
19 Marilyn Manson — Deep Six 16
20 Combichrist — Every Day Is War 16
21 Einstürzende Neubauten — The Willy-Nicky Telegrams 15
22 New Order — Doubts Even Here 14
23 Front 242 — Quite Unusual 14
24 Sausage — Here's To The Man 14
25 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult — A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Acid and Flowers mix) 14
26 Ladytron — Runaway 14
27 The Birthday Massacre — Rain 14
28 The Birthday Massacre — Diaries 14
29 The Birthday Massacre — Beyond 14
30 The Birthday Massacre — Trinity 14
31 Marsheaux — My Secret Garden 14
32 Cocteau Twins — Blue Bell Knoll 13
33 Rammstein — Dalai Lama 13
34 Ladytron — Burning Up 13
35 Ladytron — They Gave You a Heart, They Gave You a Name 13
36 Client — Don't Run Away 13
37 Marilyn Manson — Hey, Cruel World... 13
38 ADULT. — we will rest 13
39 The Raveonettes — Sisters 13
40 The Birthday Massacre — Oceania 13
41 The Birthday Massacre — The Other Side 13
42 Acid Horse — No Name, No Slogan (produced by Hypo Luxa & Hermes Pan) 13
43 Sow — Wedge 13
44 Revolting Cocks — 38 12
45 The Smashing Pumpkins — Rhinoceros 12
46 :Wumpscut: — Christfuck 12
47 The Vanishing — princess poison 12
48 Ladytron — Deep Blue 12
49 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Papa Won't Leave You, Henry 12
50 Mona Mur & En Esch — Silly romance 12
51 Marilyn Manson — Slo-Mo-Tion 12
52 :Wumpscut: — Flesh Trench 12
53 The Birthday Massacre — Superstition 12
54 The Birthday Massacre — Destroyer 12
55 Marsheaux — Nothing to Fear 12
56 Marsheaux — Satellite 12
57 Cocksure — Silikon Suckaz 12
58 Leæther Strip — Strap Me Down 11
59 David Bowie — We Are the Dead 11
60 Soundgarden — Jesus Christ Pose 11
61 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult — Shock of Point 6 11
62 Front 242 — Sacrifice 11
63 Front 242 — Headhunter 11
64 PIG — Blades 11
65 Veruca Salt — Bodies 11
66 Julian Beeston — The Angel (Shining mix) 11
67 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Wanted Man 11
68 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Up Jumped the Devil 11
69 Mona Mur & En Esch — Candy Cane 11
70 Rome — Der Erscheinungen Flucht (Stringed Version) 11
71 Marsheaux — Do You Feel? 11
72 Swans — A Little God In My Hands 11
73 Peter Murphy — I Am My Own Name 11
74 Einstürzende Neubauten — On Patrol in No Man's Land 11
75 Marsheaux — See You 11
76 Marsheaux — The Meaning of Love 11
77 Chelsea Wolfe — Iron Moon 11
78 Marnie — The Hunter 11
79 Marsheaux — Leave in Silence 11
80 Marilyn Manson — D Is For Dirty 11
81 Revolting Cocks — In the Neck 10
82 Revolting Cocks — Stainless Steel Providers 10
83 Madonna — Like a Prayer 10
84 Love And Rockets — Holiday on the Moon 10
85 David Bowie — The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell 10
86 Suspiria — Awfully Sinister 10
87 GWAR — Gor-Gor 10
88 Rasputina — Saline the Salt Lake Queen 10
89 Jerusalem Syndrome — Waves of Sorrow 10
90 Kirlian Camera — Drifting V.3 10
91 Laibach — America 10
92 The Secret Meeting — Every Little Thing 10
93 Ladytron — I'm Not Scared 10
94 Arcade Fire — Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) 10
95 Lana Del Rey — Off to the Races 10
96 Pixies — Bagboy 10
97 I Break Horses — Medicine Brush 10
98 Lana Del Rey — Ultraviolence 10
99 Marilyn Manson — Slave Only Dreams to Be King 10
100 Marilyn Manson — Odds of Even 10
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Rank, name, Playcount

1 The Birthday Massacre — Superstition 151
2 Marsheaux — A Broken Frame 131
3 Marilyn Manson — The Pale Emperor 119
4 Ladytron — Velocifero 118
5 Chelsea Wolfe — Abyss 109
6 Failure — the Heart Is a Monster 92
7 Marilyn Manson — Born Villain 91
8 Kirlian Camera — Black Summer Choirs 86
9 Marilyn Manson — Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) 84
10 Dethklok — The Dethalbum 78
11 The Secret Meeting — Ultrashiver 77
12 Einstürzende Neubauten — Lament 73
13 Blondie — Parallel Lines 72
14 Rome — A Passage to Rhodesia 72
15 Marilyn Manson — Antichrist Superstar 68
16 Marilyn Manson — Mechanical Animals 68
17 The Prodigy — The Day Is My Enemy 68
18 Elastica — Elastica 66
19 The Raveonettes — Pe'ahi 65
20 Veruca Salt — American Thighs 63
21 Laibach — Spectre 63
22 Nine Inch Nails — The Downward Spiral 62
23 The Jesus and Mary Chain — Automatic 61
24 The Chameleons — Strange Times 61
25 L7 — Bricks Are Heavy 60
26 Failure — Comfort 60
27 Babes in Toyland — Fontanelle 59
28 David Bowie — Heroes 59
29 Ramones — Loud, Fast Ramones: Their Toughest Hits 59
30 The Smashing Pumpkins — Siamese Dream 58
31 The Vanishing — Songs for Psychotic Children 58
*32 Cycle Sluts from Hell — Cycle Sluts From Hell 58
33 Arcade Fire — The Suburbs 57
34 Marilyn Manson — Portrait Of An American Family 56
35 Failure — Fantastic Planet 56
36 Swans — White Light From the Mouth of Infinity 56
*37 When In Rome — When In Rome 56
38 Morphine — Like Swimming 56
39 Dandi Wind — Yolk Of The Golden Egg 56
40 Patricia Morrison — Reflect on This 56
41 Switchblade Symphony — Bread and Jam for Frances 55
42 Tom Waits — Big Time 55
43 Client — Command 55
44 Switchblade Symphony — Serpentine Gallery 54
45 Chelsea Wolfe — Pain Is Beauty 54
46 Slick Idiot — Sucksess 54
47 Ladytron — 604 53
48 Nine Inch Nails — Hesitation Marks 53
*49 Apoptygma Berzerk — The Singles Collection 52
50 Rammstein — Reise, Reise 52
51 Marilyn Manson — The High End Of Low 52
52 Hum — Electra 2000 51
53 Ladytron — Gravity the Seducer 51
54 Ladytron — Light & Magic 50
55 The Creatures — Anima Animus 49
56 Telefon Tel Aviv — Immolate Yourself 49
57 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult — Confessions Of A Knife 48
58 Alice in Chains — Facelift 48
*59 ZZ Top — Eliminator 48
60 The Glove — Blue Sunshine 48
61 The Million Dollar Quartet — The Complete Million Dollar Quartet 48
62 Sow — Sick 48
63 PJ Harvey — Dry 47
64 Meat Beat Manifesto — Satyricon 47
65 Pixies — Trompe le Monde 47
66 Alice in Chains — Alice in Chains 46
67 Soundgarden — Badmotorfinger 46
*68 Black Sabbath — Paranoid 46
69 The Smashing Pumpkins — Gish 46
70 Morphine — At Your Service 46
71 PET — PET 46
72 Rammstein — Mutter 45
73 Laibach — Opus Dei 45
74 The Offspring — Smash 45
75 Crystal Castles — Crystal Castles (II) 45
76 Front 242 — Tyranny (For You) 45
77 Marilyn Manson — The Golden Age of Grotesque 44
78 Type O Negative — Bloody Kisses 44
79 Ladytron — Witching Hour 44
80 Sausage — Riddles Are Abound Tonight 44
81 Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross — The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 44
82 Magnapop — Rubbing Doesn't Help 44
83 Soundgarden — Superunknown 43
*84 The Offspring — Americana 43
85 Tom Waits — The Black Rider 43
86 Rasputina — Thanks For The Ether 43
87 Marsheaux — Inhale 43
88 Veruca Salt — Ghost Notes 43
89 Swans — Swans Are Dead (Live '95-'97) 43
90 Primus — Tales From The Punchbowl 42
91 Monster Magnet — Dopes to Infinity 42
92 Filter — Short Bus 42
93 Siouxsie and the Banshees — Tinderbox 42
94 Meat Beat Manifesto — Original Fire 42
95 Revolting Cocks — Beers, Steers + Queers 42
96 Christian Death — Death Mix 42
97 Stone Temple Pilots — Core 41
98 The Sisters of Mercy — Floodland 41
99 Super Heroines — Love and Pain 41
100 Rammstein — Rosenrot 41
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Album of the Year: Chelsea Wolfe — Abyss

2. Failure — the Heart Is a Monster

3. Marsheaux — A Broken Frame

4. The Prodigy — The Day Is My Enemy

5. Marilyn Manson — The Pale Emperor

6. Lana Del Rey — Honeymoon
7. Rome — A Passage to Rhodesia
8. Lycia — A Line that Connects
9. Veruca Salt — Ghost Notes
10. Cocksure — Corporate Sting
11. Class Actress — Movies
12. Tamaryn — Cranekiss
13. A Place to Bury Strangers — Transfixiation
14. One-Eyed Doll — Witches
15. En Esch — Spank
16. Muse — Drones
worst album of the year- Lindemann- Skills in Pills

Best discovery- One Eyed Doll
New artist... well, I dont believe there are any real debuts this year that caught my interest.

Notable concerts of the year
Apr 11, 2015: Vapors of Morphine, Record Bar
Apr 18, 2015: One-Eyed Doll, Aftershock Bar
Apr 30, 2015: Marilyn Manson, Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN
May 21, 2015: Laibach, Slowdown, Omaha, NE
Jul 2, 2015: Failure, Liberty Hall
Aug 8, 2015: Rasputina, Granada Theater
Aug 28, 2015: Babes in Toyland, The Riot Room
Oct 9, 2015: Kraftwerk
Nov 6, 2015: The Birthday Massacre and Combichrist
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1 Kirlian Camera – Black August 33
2 Sow – Wedge 29
3 Alice in Chains – Sludge Factory 27
4 ADULT. – we will rest 25
5 Marilyn Manson – No Reflection 23
6 Curve – Ten Little Girls 21
7 Android Lust – Refuse 19
7 Marilyn Manson – Slo-Mo-Tion 19
7 Marnie – Sugarland 19
10 David Bowie – We Are the Dead 18
10 The Smashing Pumpkins – Siva 18
10 New Order – Doubts Even Here 18
10 Revolting Cocks – 38 18
10 The Smashing Pumpkins – Rhinoceros 18
10 Acid Horse – No Name, No Slogan (produced by Hypo Luxa & Hermes Pan) 18
16 David Bowie – 1984 17
16 Run-D.M.C. – It's Tricky 17
16 Ladytron – Ace of Hz 17
19 GWAR – Slaughterama 16
19 Skinny Puppy – Smothered Hope 16
19 Alice in Chains – Frogs 16
19 Black Sabbath – You Won't Change Me 16
23 Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell 15
23 Rammstein – Ich will 15
23 Type O Negative – We Hate Everyone 15
23 Soundgarden – I Awake 15
23 ADULT. – Shake Your Head 15
23 Marilyn Manson – (s)AINT 15
23 Cocteau Twins – Wax and Wane 15
23 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – A Daisy Chain 4 Satan 15
23 The Sisters of Mercy – Marian (version) 15
23 Death in June – The Accidental Protégé 15
23 Ladytron – I'm Not Scared 15
23 Ladytron – Deep Blue 15
23 Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) 15
23 Chelsea Wolfe – We Hit a Wall 15
36 David Bowie – Big Brother 14
36 Pixies – Gigantic 14
36 Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again 14
36 Marilyn Manson – Valentine's Day 14
36 Marilyn Manson – King Kill 33 14
36 Cocteau Twins – In Our Angelhood 14
36 Front 242 – Quite Unusual 14
36 Front Line Assembly – Millennium 14
36 Skinny Puppy – Tin Omen 1 14
36 Death in June – The Odin Hour 14
36 Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll 14
36 Run-D.M.C. – Raising Hell 14
36 Love And Rockets – Haunted When The Minutes Drag 14
36 Cranes – Starblood 14
36 GWAR – Gor-Gor 14
36 Veruca Salt – Bodies 14
36 Die Krupps – Fatherland (Sisters of Mercy mix) 14
36 Android Lust – Refuse (Acoustic) 14
36 Rammstein – Benzin 14
36 Rammstein – Rosenrot 14
36 Ladytron – Season of Illusions 14
36 Marilyn Manson – Children of Cain 14
36 Combichrist – Every Day Is War 14
59 Joy Division – Day of the Lords 13
59 Love And Rockets – **** (Jungle Law) 13
59 Talk Talk – Such a Shame 13
59 ADULT. – Pressure Suit 13
59 Add N To (X) – Take Me To Your Leader 13
59 Rammstein – Sonne 13
59 Filter – Jurassitol 13
59 Alice in Chains – Brush Away 13
59 Alice in Chains – Again 13
59 Veruca Salt – My Sharona 13
59 Cranes – Jewel 13
59 ADULT. – Hand to Phone (Cordless mix) 13
59 Swans – God Loves America 13
59 Marilyn Manson – mOBSCENE 13
59 Black Sabbath – The Mob Rules 13
59 GWAR – Sexecutioner 13
59 Miranda Sex Garden – Sunshine 13
59 GWAR – Cool Place To Park 13
59 Cranes – Sun and Sky 13
59 Love And Rockets – Mirror People 13
59 :Wumpscut: – Christfuck 13
59 The Merry Thoughts – Second Generation 13
59 Alien Sex Fiend – Here Cum Germs 13
59 Babes in Toyland – Ripe 13
59 Rammstein – Wo bist du 13
59 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – O Children 13
59 Ladytron – Burning Up 13
59 Kirlian Camera – heldenplatz (remix)13
59 Chelsea Wolfe – Feral Love 13
59 Black Sabbath – Live Forever 13
59 Marilyn Manson – D Is For Dirty 13
59 Marnie – We Are the Sea 13
91 The Cure – The Hanging Garden 12
91 Rammstein – Mein Herz brennt 12
91 Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar 12
91 Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls 12
91 L7 – Everglade 12
91 Alice in Chains – Head Creeps 12
91 The Smashing Pumpkins – I Am One 12
91 Covenant – Theremin 12
91 Curve – Chinese Burn 12
91 New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle 12
91 Alice in Chains – Them Bones 12
91 Cocteau Twins – Multifoiled 12
91 Gary Numan – Dark 12
91 Skinny Puppy – Worlock 12
91 White Zombie – I Am Legend 12
91 David Bowie – Rock 'N' Roll Suicide 12
91 Mad Season – Wake Up 12
91 Gary Numan – Exile 12
91 Leæther Strip – Strap Me Down 12
91 Orbital – Halcyon + On + On 12
91 Babes in Toyland – Catatonic 12
91 Miranda Sex Garden – In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song) 12
91 Seraphim Shock – Some Sick Dream 12
91 Cocteau Twins – Musette and Drums 12
91 Babes in Toyland – Right Now 12
91 Blancmange – Waves 12
91 Sow – Ego Head 12
91 Echo & the Bunnymen – All My Colours 12
91 The Merry Thoughts – I Say 12
91 Kirlian Camera – IN THE ENDLESS RAIN 12
91 The Vanishing – Lovesick 12
91 Curve – Hell Above Water 12
91 Einstürzende Neubauten – Good Morning Everybody 12
91 Ministry – Khyber Pass 12
91 Ladytron – Runaway 12
91 Ladytron – They Gave You a Heart, They Gave You a Name 12
91 KMFDM – Potz Blitz Loved 12
91 A Place to Bury Strangers – In Your Heart 12
91 Android Lust – A New Haven 12
91 Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Immigrant Song 12
91 Mona Mur & En Esch – Silly romance 12
91 Marilyn Manson – Overneath the Path of Misery 12
91 Marilyn Manson – Pistol Whipped 12
91 Marilyn Manson – Disengaged 12
91 Juno Reactor – Guillotine 12
91 Arcade Fire – Reflektor 12
Jan. 1st, 2015 09:38 am

2014 albums

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*1 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Let Love In 210
*2 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Tender Prey 159
3 Marilyn Manson – Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) 140
*4 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Murder Ballads 137
*5 Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids – Refridgerator 134
6 Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar 132
*7 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Kicking Against the Pricks 131
*8 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Henry's Dream 129
9 Ladytron – Velocifero 128
*10 Various Artists – Awake the Machines Volume 6 112
11 Alice in Chains – Alice in Chains 110
12 Chelsea Wolfe – Pain Is Beauty 109
13 Marilyn Manson – Born Villain 108
14 Cocteau Twins – Head Over Heels 106
*15 300 000 V.K. – Hard Drive: Also Sprach Bill Gates 105
16 Ladytron – Gravity the Seducer 103
17 Kirlian Camera – Black Summer Choirs 102
18 Phil Spector – Back to Mono (1958-1969) 101
19 Marilyn Manson – The High End Of Low 98
20 Various Artists – Black Bible 95
21 Ladytron – Witching Hour 93
22 Marilyn Manson – Mechanical Animals 89
23 Cranes – Forever 87
*23 Various Artists – A Tribute To Marilyn Manson 87
25 The Sisters of Mercy – Floodland 82
*25 Marilyn Manson – Disposable Teens 82
25 Gary Numan – Exile 82
*25 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Firstborn Is Dead 82
29 Marilyn Manson – The Golden Age of Grotesque 80
29 Big Black Delta – Big Black Delta 80
31 Tom Waits – Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards 79
*31 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away 79
33 Sow – Sick 77
33 Various Artists – A Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box 77
*33 Various Artists – Metropolis 2005 77
36 David Bowie – Diamond Dogs 76
36 Laibach – Opus Dei 76
*36 Various Artists – Run Lola Run 76
36 Rammstein – Rosenrot 76
*36 Various Artists – Original Versions (1983-1991) 76
41 The Smashing Pumpkins – Gish 75
42 Rammstein – Reise, Reise 74
42 PET – PET 74
44 The Glove – Blue Sunshine 73
*44 300 000 V.K. – Also Sprach Johann Paul II 73
46 Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral 72
46 Soundtrack – Lost Highway 72
46 Peter Murphy – Lion 72
49 Dethklok – The Dethalbum 71
49 ADULT. – The Way Things Fall 71
*49 Various Artists – Platinum Girl: A Tribute To Blondie 71
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Yeah. It's THAT late. But I wanted to get it in print, ya know, for posterity, before another year passes....

Adult.- The Way Things Fall

Kirlian Camera- Black Summer Choirs
Marsheaux- Inhale
Depeche Mode- Delta Machine
IO Echo- Ministry of Love
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Mosquito
Marnie- Crystal World
Juno Reactor- Golden Sun of the Great East
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Push the Sky Away
Android Lust- Crater
Skinny Puppy- Weapon
How to Destroy Angels- Welcome Oblivion
David Bowie- the Next Day
Black Sabbath- 13
My Bloody Valentine- MBV
Queens of the Stone Age- ...Like Clockwork
Sleigh Bells- Bitter Rivals
Arcade Fire-Reflektor
Nine Inch Nails- Hesitation Marks
Stooges- Ready to Die

and least favorite album-
Ministry- From Beer to Eternity- much better than their last attempt, but still a far cry from their golden years

Best new Artist- IO Echo

Best new discovery- Crystal Castles
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DeVotchKa - The Alley
Beach House - You Came To Me
Nouvelle Vague - In a Manner of Speaking
Nouvelle Vague - In a Manner of Speaking
Death in Vegas - Dirge
Dead Can Dance - Sanvean
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Into My Arms
Cocteau Twins - Lazy Calm

The Cure - Closedown
Mazzy Star - Bells Ring
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Breathless

The Cure - Pictures of You
Morphine - The Night
David Lynch - Ghost of Love
PJ Harvey - The Last Living Rose
Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Last Beat Of My Heart
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Wedding Song
Arcade Fire - Sprawl I & II
Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
The Zombies - Time of the Season
The Crystals - He's Sure the Boy I Love
Modern English - I'll Stop The World (And Melt With You)
David Bowie - Modern Love
Santana - Oye Como Va
The Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane (full length version)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Ship Song
Bob Dylan – Forever Young
Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses
The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way
Depeche Mode - Precious
The Damned - Shadow of Love
Psychic TV - United '94
Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage
Commodores - Brick House
Madness - Our House
Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone
M83 - Midnight City
White Lies - To Lose My Life
Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance
Client - White Wedding (live at Notting Hill Arts Club)
When In Rome - The Promise
Iggy Pop - Shades
Laibach - Steel Trust
Roy Orbison - In Dreams
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everyone should have gotten their CDs by now. So here's whats on it-

The Latenight Callers- Calaveras- from the album Easy Virtues
Sleigh Bells- Demons- from the album Reign of Terror
The Cranberries- Show Me- from the album Roses
Marilyn Manson- Overneath The Path of Misery- from the album Born Villain
Motor- Pleasure In Heaven- from the album- Man Made Machine
Garbage- I Hate Love- from the album Not Your Kind Of People
Garfunkel and Oates- My Apartment's Very Clean Without You- from the album Slippery When Moist
Ladyhawke- The Quick & the Dead- from the album Anxiety 2012
A Place to Bury Strangers- Worship- from the album Worship
Dead Can Dance- Opium- from the album Anastasis
Swans- Avatar- from the album The Seer
Clan of Xymox- "Heroes"- from the album Kindred Spirits
The Birthday Massacre- Down- from the album Hide And Seek
Metric- The Wanderlust- from the album Synthetica
Tamaryn- Violet's in a Pool- from the album Tender New Signs
Soundgarden- Attrition- from the album King Animal
Hanzel Und Gretyl- Der Furor- from the album Born to Be Heiled
Deftones- Goon Squad- from the album Koi No Yokan
Rammstein- Mein Herz Brennt (Piano Version)- from the single Mein Herz Brennt
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Not having any money and lotsa time, I downloaded quite a bit.... but I still did my fair share of CD shoppin'... probably too much for my own good. Good picks, good discoveries, going back to mine so to speak. discovering and having new appreciation for older works, etc.

Seems now digipaks are the big thing now... only 4 CDs I bought that were released this year came in jewel cases... and many re-releases were also in digipak instead of the original jewel case. Space saving, or cost saving perhaps... but with the prices of CDs, you'd never know it.

CDs arent quite dead yet. BUT, they are coming with fewer and fewer little extras, limited editions, etc. And many didnt even have a booklet of linear notes. Its like theyre encouraging downloads...

Anyway, the list

Best album of the year-
Dead Can Dance- Anatasis

The 90s nostalgia reunion acts keep pouring in. And this is a nostalgia act that delivers. True to form, with wonderful sounds and vocals from Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard- a true return, and solid album throughout. Ranking right up there with their other established classics... Theri best since Within the Realm of a Dieing Sun, I dare say.

Marilyn Manson- Born Villain

This was a close contender for album of the year, but there was a bit too much filler, I thought. At least 3 songs I either keep skipping over, or not really getting attached to. But when it works, it WORKS. Great rage, defining a genre coined as not death rock, but "suicide rock"- all the rage, self loathing, and anger you need. BUT... still doesnt quite have that epicness of earlier works, and still lacks the full atmostphere that makes Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson. Twiggy is still a great music writer, but its still suffering from the lack of Madonna Wayne Gacy, I think. A good dark rock album, but not so much a good Marilyn Manson album.

Clan of Xymox- Kindred Spirits

A good collection of covers... some surprising. Could have benefited from a bit more variety though, i would say.

Motor- Man Made Machine

I find myself really liking their style of dark electronica. I definitly plan on listening to more.

Garbage- Not Your Kind of People

Another 90s nostaglia band that did not disappoint- a bit loaded perhaps, but still their best one since version 2.0

Deftones- Koi No Yan
Good tracks. Best Ive heard since their self-titled act... or even dare I say White Pony

Soundgarden- King Animal
It was a much hyped reunion. And aside from an iffy single from the Avengers, they delivered. Definitly better than Audioslave... not quite as they were in Superunknown, but it was still a welcome comeback.

Toadies- Play.Rock.Music
I find that theyre finding their footing/niche/sound better with this album rather than the last album. Better work and songs than Deliverance. Still miss the original bassist though.

Tamaryn- Tender New Signs

A Place to Bury Strangers- Worship
Good album, but lacking hooks

Dredd Soundtrack
The movie was surprisingly enjoyable. As well as the brutal soundtrack that really added appropriate atmosphere to the film.

Cranberries- Roses
Another good 90s reunion album. Perhaps a bit dated with the newer shoegaze acts that have come since, but they can still hold their own.

Raveonettes- Observator

The Birthday Massacre- Hide and Seek
It has a slightly different sound than their past albums... a bit more aggressive/angry... Dunno if I like it or not, needs more listening.

Swans- The Seer
Dark, rambling, and brutal. Just as Swans are. A good album to put on, turn off the lights, and let the mind drift and disintigrate.

Sleigh Bells- Reign of Terror
When I heard this band's first album, I thought it had potential, if they could ditch the over-distorted noise style. This new album they did, and for a while, i enjoyed it. Then I saw them live, and thought they were horrible. Off tempo performance that didnt match their pre-recorded set. And the most pretentious band-bio on Ive ever seen (aside from London After Midnight). Definitly more image than substance, but at least there IS some substance in there... somewhere....

Ladyhawke- Anxiety

Late Night Callers- Easy Virtues
Probably the best new local band out there these days. Reminds me of Superstition/Peepshow era Siouxsie and the Banshees. Cant wait for their first full length album.

Metric- Synthetica

Frontline Assembly- Airmech

Velvet Acid Christ- Maldire

Wumpscut- Women and Satan First

Hanzel Und Gretyl- Born to be Heiled

Marsheaux- The E-Bay Queen is Dead
Leftovers, perhaps. But good leftovers

Collide- Bent and Broken
Bloated, but still some good remixes in there.

Dethklok- Dethalbum III
Eh. It seems to be lacking alot of the humour from the first album.... And Im upset that they're passin' on Takin' it Easy Again.

Delerium- Monarch

Espermachine- Dying Life

Silversun Pickups- Neck of the Woods
Good music, just lacking a memorable hook, I thought. Needs more listening

Smashing Pumpkins- Oceania
Oh Billy... Billy, Billy, Billy... Smashing Pumpkins in name only since one would not be able to sell as many ZWAN albums. Not too terrible, but still seems to be missing the smashing pumpkins sound. It needs Chamberlin, Iha, and Darcy.

Rome- Hell Money
Hmm.... more acoustic guitar work, less atmostphere... not bad, but not sure I like it yet.

How to Destroy Angels- An Omen

Meh. Sounds too generic for my tastes. Like background, filler music for elevators.

Laibach- Iron Sky
I think I just expected more out of this soundtrack. But really not much more than dialog samples and background music. I expect better from Laibach.

And worst album of the year goes to...
Ministry- Relapse
MAN. Talk about sad and pathetic. Allegedly released (after the offical "break up" of ministry) to help Al Jourgensen pay medical bills related to drug abuse (which is why its important to invest in a 401k when youre in your prime)... it definitly sounds like an act of tired desperation. The music is just generic dirt-metal, and the lyrics are uninspiried and outdated political rambling with disingenuous positivity to "make a difference" Waste of data.

Other Albums
Arcade Fire- The Suburbs
Yes, it can be called pretentious hipster crap. But I really, really like this album. A work of energy and beauty. Something with a solid flow from start to finish. Dont know if I like their other works yet, though.

Metalica- Ride the Lightening
Being mostly familair with metalica post 90s, Ive been quick to dismiss them.... but getting into their 80s work, Im finding it to be very impressive and enjoyable- and this is the best one of the lot.

Chris Connelly- Whiplash Boychild

The Vanishing- Songs for Psychotic Children- Probably the best discovery of the year- brilliant good old fashioned atmospheric energetic death rock. I love it. Too bad I found them long after they disbanded.

I Break Horses- Opened for m83. I liked them

Class Actress- Opened for Sleigh Bells. Better than the headlining act- great 80s new wave style music.

Alice Cooper- Still hard to get past his modern image of being a self-parody. Im sure he was all scary back in the 1970s, but by todays standards, he seems so awefuly quaint. And him being a right-wing christian, but still trying to be "scary" doesnt help. But, trying to seperate the image from the music, I think I may be able to appreciate it more. The Jury is still out.

nick cave and the bad seeds- The First Born is Dead, Your Funeral My Trial

Pink Floyd- A Saucerful of Secrets, Wish You Were Here- I find myself appreciating them more. Depressing music to space out to. Im liking it.

leonard cohen- The Future, I'm Your Man

Best New Band- Hard to say, given that I didnt see any new national bands hit the scene (that I cared for)- But I did enjoy Kansas City newcomers In Back of A Black Car- great new wave style music. I cant wait to hear more.

Best New Discovery- The Vanishing, Arcade Fire, Film School

Concerts- Zola Jesus

in back of a black car

haunted creepys

the final american catastrophe show- too bad to see them disband without releasing more music. but all good things...

late night callers

m83- AMAZING crowded show. Great lights. Great versions of their earlier works, and a surprise performance of their Tron Legacy Remix soundtrack contribution

The kills/Jeff the Brotherhood- Got invited out with a free ticked. I liked it. Not a bad show at all.

Marilyn Manson- The old grey mule aint what she used to be- disappointingly minimalistic, the singing was off, the set list really had no surprises at all, and they didnt even have a friggin' keyboardist. Too Bad.

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult- Buzz McCoy looked high as a kite and looked like he was about to pass out and fall into the crowd. But I still thought it was good show with a strong setlist.

Sleigh Bells- see above. Music was off tempo with their pre-recorded backing track. Like they werent even trying.

Rasputina- Better than the last time I saw them- a low-key performance, but I think that's how Rasputina performs best. Melora even made a dig at all the acts out there ripping off their style. Win.

Swans- Loud, brutal, intense. Even with earplugs, I could not get any closer than the soundboard without being overwhelemed by the constant sonic assault, the wall of sound liquifying by brain and destroying my hearing. Like one long, constant jam. One does not so much go to a swans concert as they survive a swans concert. But its all a part of the experience.


Toadies- Great setlist, good surprises, lotsa fun.

Deftones- shitty venue (voodoo lounge at hurrahs), kinda out of it most of the night after a long day at work, but still an enjoyable show

The biggest disappointment though? missing out on Radiohead- by the time I had enough money to afford the ticket, Sprint center bought up all their own tickets just to re-scalp them at double the cost. Douches.
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Marilyn Manson- S(aint)
Combichrist- Throat Full of Glass
Android Lust- God in the Hole
David Bowie- I'm Afraid of Americans
Yahzoo- Goodbye 70s
Grauzone- Eisenbar
Undertones- Teenage Kicks
Miss Kittin- Frank Sinatra
Revolting Cocks- Stainless Steel Providers
Love and Rockets- Jungle Law
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross- Immigrant Song
The Damned- Testify (Nosferatu Mix)
Alien Sex Fiend- Breakdown and Cry (Lie Down and Die)

KMFDM- Adios
Rammstein- Haifisch
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Thirsty Dog
Amphibious Assault- In Your Room
Ministry- Thieves
Bauhaus- Silent Hedges
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry- Hands on My Heart
Children on Stun- Sidelined
Skeletal Family- Promised Land
In Strict Confidence- Closing Eyes (AE III Edit)
Triestesse De La Lune- Time is Moving (Panzer AG Mix)
Underwater Pilots- Loud and Clear
Visage- Fade to Grey
The Wake- Christine
Siouxsie and the Banshees- Painted Bird
Kirlian Camera- Nightglory
Weep- Passion of Lovers
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Curve- Ten Little Girls
Orbital- Lust 3-3 (Underworld)
Daft Punk- Da Funk
Front 242- Quite Unusal
Gorillaz- Stylo
CSS- City Grrl

Sisters of Mercy- Ribbons
Late Night Callers- Hybrid Moments
Ladyhawke- Magic
David Lynch- Pinky's Dream
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult- Leaethersex
Ministry- Everyday is Halloween (2010 evil version)
Skinny Puppy- Smothered Hope
Rammstein- Mein Land
Cranes- Clear (Red Tailed Snorter mix)
Johnny Cash- Personal Jesus
PJ Harvey- A Place Called Home
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Papa Wont Leave You, Henry
m83- Midnight City
Depeche Mode- Never Let Me Down Again
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More downloads than actual purchases this year, what on account of not having a job. Or where there? It was actualy kinda hard to keep count. Anyways... here's the best of 2011 music


Ladytron Best Of 2000-2011

Normaly, Im not one to consider best-ofs actual albums or releases. But this was a damned good collection, and also had a great cover that I did not realize was a cover of death in june. Not what I would have expected. The packaging was also a plus.

Raveonettes- Raven in the Grave

darker, and much better than their last release. I think Raveonettes are much better as a shoegaze band than as a straight-up rock party band, really.

Tron Legacy Reconfigured

A remix album, but a good one, with strong revisions of the score. Even if at the end of the day it's still disney.

Hanin Elias- Get it Back

While Atari Teenage Riot hasnt aged well with me (thematicly, if not musicly), I found myself enjoying Hanin's solo album more than the Atari middle-aged reboot.

Gary Numan-Dead Son Rising

Best Gary Numan work in years. Strong material, that doesnt sound as generic as his last few albums.

Wumpscut- Schrekk Und Grauss
M83- Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
Kirlian Camera-Nightglory
Tom Waits- Bad as Me
White Lies-Ritual
She Wants Revenge- Valleyheart
Mona Mur and En Esch- Do With Me What You Want
Boys Beware- The Rutting Season
*Birthday Massacre- Imaginary Monsters
Ladytron- Gravity the Seducer- I found it a little too space-rocky for me, but overall not too terrible
*Blouse- Self Titled
*Juno Reactor- Inside the Reactor- Collection of remixes, some of them improvements over the original
Radiohead- The King of Limbs
*Powerlfter- Gangplank
*Skinny Puppy- Handover- everyone seemed to dislike it, but I found it better than mythmaker
*Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross- Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack
*Rome- Die Æsthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit- A Lengthy 3 disc set with alot of filler, but a good sound overall
*Robots in Disguise- Happiness V Sadness
*Peter Murphy- Ninth / Secret Bees of Ninth- A bit harder sound than Im used to out of Peter Murphy, and I like it.
*Beastie Boys- Hot Sauce Committee- At least they can make fun of themselves for not quite being boys anymore
*KMFDM- Krank/WTF?!?- Generic metropolis party sound. But not unlistenable.
PJ Harvey- Let England Shake- I think PJ has now fully rooted herself in the realm of adult contemporary. Not sure I really like it.
*David Lynch- Crazy Clown Time- A strong opening track with Karen O, but the rest of it is just too Lynchian weird, really. I prefer Angelo Badalamenti's instrumental sound in the end.
*CSS- La Liberacion
Devotchka- 1000 Lovers
*Bella Morte- Before the Flood
*Skold- Still Angsty, Still mundane, still listenable.
*Atari Teenage Riot- Is This Hyperreal?- Eh. I like the sound, but I suppose Ive grown out of the childish simple-minded ranting about how everything that's corporate and/or american is evil, and how someone is destroying the internet, how we're all victims, etc. And its been a long time since them or their fans have been teenagers.
*VNV Nation- Automatic- As ever, good instrumentals, but vocalized songs are kinda eh.
*Cradle of Filth- Evermore Darkly
*Kittie- I've Failed You- Still a Guilty Pleasure
*Jane's Addiction- The Great Escape Artist- Eh. For a while, it didnt seem that bad. But the more I listened to it, the more I realized that it's an album that really was better off not being made.
*Primus- Green Nagahyde- Instead of wry fun of past albums, it seems to be just bitter ramblings about the current state of american culture and politics. And the bass is just way to unrestrained. Seems like just another Claypool sideproject, really. But with more bitter rambling.
*Bush-Sea of Memories- Another 90s nostalgia reunion act (that wasnt quite a reunion) that shouldnt have been. Another act that just hasnt aged well, and lacking the talents of other band members, and showing poorly for it. *shrug*

Notable Purchases (in no particular order)
Lou Reed- Transformer
m83- self-titled, dead seas&lost ghosts, saturdays=youth
Blue Man Group- Audio
Nomadic War Machine- I Have a Gun, Give me All the money in the cash register.
Jarboe- The Men Album
Tamaryn- Into Waves
David Bowie- Station 2 Station, Ziggy Stardust, Heroes, Diamond Dogs
Murder Happens- Dead Worlds and Dieing Suns
Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here, A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Gnarls Barkley- St Elsewhere
Triestesse de la lune- A Love Whose Heart is Innocent
Marsheaux- Peek-A-Boo, Ebay Queen
Rome- Confessions, Masse Mensch Material, Nera
Metallica- Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning
Tom Waits- Rain Dogs, Swordfishtronbone, Frank's Wild Years, Blue Valentine, Alice
Leonard Cohen- I'm Your Man, The Future
CSS- Donkey, Self-titled
Swans- Love of Life
Black Sabbath- Paranoid, Self Titled
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Tender Prey
*Two Ton Boa- Parasiticide
*Silverfish- Organfan
*Children on Stun- Tourniquetes of Love and Desire
*Sleighbells- Treat
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Self-titled, Baby 81
Current 93-All the Pretty Little Horses
eels- Hombre Lobo, Tomorrow Morning
Bauhaus- In the Flat Fields, The Sky's Gone Out
*Sonic Youth- Dirty
Muse- Origin of Symettry
Collection d'Arnell~Andréa- The Bower of Despair
Hum- Electra 2000
The Late Night Callers- self-titled
Robots in Disguise- get rid!
waxtrax Black Box: The 1st 13 Years

Notable Concerts
The WaxTrax Retrospectacle: Front 242, KMFDM, Revolving Cocks, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult- April. The show that made it all worthwhile. Being able to see classic acts they way they were meant to be seen: (With as many as able to gather) original members, playing classic hits, in Chicago, the birth of it all. And even getting to meet some of the original members. Classic weekend.

Swans- February. Simply AMAZING. Stellar weather for February. A weekend in Tulsa, away from the city. Relatively luxurious hotel on the cheap via AAA. And a naked man hugging a post in downtown Tulsa. And the show was amazing, with good company.

Rammstein/Combichrist- May. Part of the big week in Chicago. Combichrist was tiny on the stage, and I missed most their set. But seeing Rammstein, was akin to a religious experience. The show was every bit as big as could be expected. One to cross off the bucket list.

My Life with Thrill Kill Kult- April. Everyone seemed to have hated the performance, and granted the accoustics of a warehouse werent ideal, but I was pleased with the show. I loved the setlist, and they were still better than they were way back in 2004.

Raveonettes/Tamaryn- May. Part of a city-wide music fest. Amazing show. Fell in love with Tamaryn at first listen.

Hum- November. Sold out double show. Last time I saw Hum was almost 15 years ago. And seeing them again made all the memoires back. Its a rare occurance when a 90s band can actualy reunite with a positive outcome.

Peter Murphy/She Wants Revenge- November One of those grand shows thats as much fun to see as it is to see all the people who showed up. Peter Murphy had a great time also, a broke out a Ziggy Stardust cover at the encore, complete with the David Bowie strut

Genetorturers/Hanzel Und Gretyl- May. Not a big Genetorturers fan, but I still thought they put on an enjoyable show nonetheless. Hanzel Und Gretyl definitly stole the show, though.

Buckethead- June. Was actualy a surprise show. And it was well done.

Hanzel Und Gretyl- October- A Small show, but still entertaining and memorable enough

Devotchka/Quixotic Fusion- March. Not terrible. I remember being impressed with Quixotic.

Human League/Men Without Hats- September- I probably shouldnt have gone. I really didnt have the money for it. And I couldnt get a date, despite having an extra ticket. But it was still a good show nonetheless.

Bella Morte- September- Average low key show. Except I remember being notably poor

Lords of Acid/Angelspit- March. Not a big fan of either band. And I was sick that night.

Best new band- Blouse
Discoveries of the year- Tamaryn, Blouse, Silverfish, and rediscoveries of David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen,
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Primal Scream- Trainspotting
Delirium- Silence
David Bowie- Station to Station
Rolling Stones- I Am Waiting
Velvet Underground- All Tomorrow's Parties
Rasputina- Howard Hughes
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Up Jumped the Devil
Two Ton Boa- Cash Machine
Sisters of Mercy- Body and Soul
Marilyn Manson- Golden Years

David Bowie- Little Wonder
Iggy Pop- China Girl
Swans- Hypnogirl
KMFDM- Money
Underwater Pilots- Loud and Clear
M83- Birds/Unrecorded
Siderartica- Atmosphere
David Bowie- Hurt
David Bowie- Cactus
Revolting Cocks- In the Neck
Concrete Blonde- The Sky is a Poisonous Garden
Corpus Delicti- Suffragete City
David Bowie- Pablo Picasso
Alien Sex Fiend- All the Madmen (Padded Cell mix)
Tony Iommi with Peter Steele- Just Say No to Love
Jeresulam Syndrome- Waves of Sorrow
David Bowie- Hallo Spaceboy
Children on Stun- Sidelined
David Bowie- Lady Grinning Soul
Clan of Xymox- Stranger (12" mix)
David Bowie- Real Cool World
Veruca Salt- With David Bowie

David Bowie- Tonight
Revue Noire- Rock N Roll Suicide
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