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back in november. I went to GWAR. it was a fun goofball show, as can be expected. I got to see the fake Obama tickle Oderus Urungus then sucker punch him, which was cute (or at least as cute as a GWAR show can be). They didnt play Think You Oughta Know This, which was a bit of a disappointment. But they did play the Private Pain of Techno Destructo, which was awesome. Anyway, here are some pictures, and there are some good ones, because I think I finaly got the hang of the camera

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So, originaly, I had my ticket for just the tuesday show. But I figured, what the hell? I had time to kill and money to spend, so I decided to indulge and go to the monday show as well.

Back in middle school, Smashing Pumpkins were one of the six major arcana bands that anybody who was anybody listend to (being Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and grudgingly included is Pearl Jam). In high school though, I kinda wrote them off after Billy Corgan, who of course is notorious of being one of the biggest, most pretentious assholes in all of rock stardom, went on this big rant against moshing and fired Jimmy Chamberlin (who was the most talented member of the band), and the fact that Adore was, well... it sucked. But I eventualy warmed back up to them with Machina, and even Zeitgeist... and the fact that Siamese Dream is, simply put, a masterpiece.

So yes, parking was 10.00 (which, I would rather pay and park next door to the midland, than park some place for free several blocks away and get mugged or assaulted by some crazy street rouge/thug). The midland... was awe-inspiring... all done up like a classic victorian-era gala opera house, complete with velvet carpet, chandeleirs, massive mirrors, classic artwork, and beautiful sculptures. It was indeed a sight to behold... one of the most awe-inspiring places Ive been to since the Library of Congress back in 2004.

The seats monday were great.... close to the stage and front/center, without having to sit too close to anyone. There were no opening acts. It started with a Drum solo from Chamberlin (who, I still think is one of the best drummers out there in the industry next to Will Reiflin), then out comes king Billy, with some weird Aztek headdress on, singing some new orleans Dr. John type zydeko music. And then opened with Tarantula. The show had some great energy, then Corgan talked a bit about this cold he was having, and complaining about bloggers, then played some long, drawn out b-sides with long rambling guitar solos that made Tool sound like the Ramones. And an absolutly stunning verision of Eye. And Billy got all pissy when not enough people sang along to Today.

Next day, the crowed seemed a bit thinner than it was last night, but filled up quickly. It was a completely different setlist, which made me feel like it didnt waste my money too much. But yeah, there was about a 15 minute break where Billy, still suffering from a cold, incoherantly rambled on about how much he hates bloggers complaining about the songs they didnt play, and a few other things that didnt really make alot of sense but where at least entertaining up until the point where he started complaining about people who complained about DArcy and Iha not being there. But otherwise, with the exception of playing more long rambling b-sides, the second show still had some great moments, especialy with everyone singing along to Zero.

But ultimately, Im sure that if all the crap parts of the shows were taken out, they could have fit it all into one show (much like with Mellon Collie, if all the filler and poor songs were taken out, it could have fit onto one disc). Im glad I got to hear some old favorites (Cherub Rock, Bullet with Butterfly wings) and some surprise inclusions (No Bodies, Soma, Landslide, the end is the begining is the end)... but yeah, I am disappointed that they didnt play doomsday clock, everlasting gaze, Rocket, stand inside your love, seven shades of black, raindrops/sunshine, and rhinosaurs... so fuck you billy, yes I know that they're your songs and you'll play what you want, but Im still going to blog about being disappointed you didnt play some songs. how do you like that?

I saw some fat indie chick wearing a shirt that said "Billy Corgan is God" Now I want to make a shirt that says "Billy Corgan Would Like to Think That He Is God."

here are the money shots


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I thought it was a great show. The opening act Margin of Error I could take or leave... not outright terrible, but not really unique either. They were appearantly too hardcore for daveys since they blew about 3 fuses during the course of their set. The crowd could have been a bit larger, and Android Lust's set list could have been longer, but all in all, I got to hear just about all of my favorite songs

I took 3 cameras. the video/still from my old reliable samsung t809 phone (1.3mp), the still on my new sony-ericsson tm506 phone (2mp), and my casio ex-z1080 (10mp).... with the casio, Im having a bit of frustration in not getting any real good shots, what with them being all blurry without flash... but without the flash, I cant capture any of the ambiance or colors of the lights. Anyway, you be the judge for the best shots

samsung t809 )

Android Lust - kingdom of One live 10-06-08
Uploaded by deathstar461

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It was a bit earlier than I was expecting... I can only assume that I missed the 1st band... tub-ring or something or the other.... I thought the BDM set was a bit shorter than I would have liked, but they put on a energetic show. The Beaumont was a bit stuffy for my tastes, but then again, that's to be expected with summer setting in. MSI, well, I like their music fine, but I dont think I like their whole "we're rock stars and our audience is idiots" schtick- yes, its clever and they get some laughs, but I really hope they;re laughing with and not at the audience, because I dont think I appreciate being the butt of such jokes. Then again, when the lead singer says he wont play another sone till someone pays him 20.00, and some idiot kid (and I say kid, because no one who actualy works for their money or has real bills to pay would ever waste their money like this) actualy FORKS OVER requested cash, maybe they deserve each other.

The aftershow party was good enough. [ profile] bigbrother2084 made some awesome fliers. I wish I kept one, but as the show was getting out, I ran into Chibi of BDM, got a photo taken with her, and gave her the after show flier as a memento. No, of course I wasnt expecting them to show up at the afterparty (even if they didnt already have to drive down to Wichita for the show the next day), but it was a bit of a thrill to be able to exchange an item with a celebrity, and give said celebrity maybe something clever to write about on some tour blog. But yes, there were some new faces who showed up. There was some out of town rivithead prick though that had to come up and ask me to stop playing that "etherial crap", but otherwise, it was a fine night.

anyway, picture/video time. I didnt bother taking pics/video of MSI.
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it was a great show... ran into some people I was glad to, other people not so much, heard some songs I was glad to hear, didnt get to hear some songs I wanted (I was so thrilled to hear Primary, A Walk, and Shake Dog Shake, but disappointed they didnt play Hanging Gardens), but that's what so great about stadium shows.

The weather was perfect- the moon was full- it was a 3 hour set, playing I believe at least one song off each album, and on the second encore, it was all songs off Boys Dont Cry

I was debating on either spending 15.00 on a tour program, or 40.00 on a shirt. I decided on the shirt, given that I need more shirts anyway.

Afterwards, I met up with Erica at Karma, then had dennys, then went home. all in all, a good night

But yes, video is coming soon.... but this bit I would have to say made the show worth while

which is why Robert Smith kicks Dave Gahan's ass

but yes, more video soon
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It was a great show. I was originaly planning on going to Roller Derby as well, but given the insane cost of gas currently, I thought it best to show some restraint, and same some money. But I still took off work early, and spent a nice quiet afternoon.

I like the replay. It has such a nice, cozy feel. I like the back patio (at least right now... Im sure I wouldnt like it in February or August). I like the crowd. Although, Im starting to notice that I get tired and/or nervious more than I should be getting now adays. I probably need pills or etc.

But anway, pics and vid. Shame on you for missing the show!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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so I went to see Kids in the Hall, and it was an amazing show. They did a skit about a horrible, hateful looking Baby. Buddy Cole talks about how he's convinced that Jesus was as queer as a 3 dollar bill and name drops Missie B's. Dave Foley did this running sketch about this guy who invents a time machine just to beat the last call in bars and get blow jobs from his wife. Kevin McDonald sings an incompleted song. Gavin and the Jehovah's witnesses make an appearance. They did the Chicken Lady phone sex skit. Bruce McCullough plays this superhero who gains super powers while heavily intoxicated. Two of the offical gals talk about their crystal meth diets. There was one SNAFU during a Foley/McDonald skit involving an argument over Foley's imaginary girlfriend that was halariously played-off... And of course, the audience all got their heads crushed.

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afterwards, I went to an amature comedy night which ranged from the lukeworm to the god-aweful. But at least it was free, so no major loss there.

But yes, the KITH show was GREAT, just what the doctor ordered. In retrospect, I wish I brought my better video phone with me, (and I wish they had an ATM there so I could buy a program) but nonetheless, Im satisfied with what I was able to grab
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Sunday, Jun 15
Beaumont Club
Kansas City, MO
On Sale Sat, 4/12, 10 am

for more info:
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still uploading.... but I didnt even notice this SNAFU until I saw this...

still more video to come
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it was a fun show, despite the Bottleneck being a total OVEN the whole night.... I swear, I was on the verge of passing out, myself.... There was line dancing, an invitational sing-along, and breakdancing to Sister Kate... Amanda had on a target sack bra, to endore some sort of plastic tax, or something.... They auctioned off a "earth box" to grow herbs in... I got one of the calandars and CDs, then hotfooted it to neo genesis

anyway, video time

for more, check them out at my Daily Motion Channel.... uploading takes time and effort, and its too hot for either....
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Showed up early.... there seemed to be a general sense of disorganization... no one was available to take door... I didnt get to play due to time and equipment issues (which Im really not too upset about)... otherwise, a good show

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Inspired by a few Myspace quiz post things, I decided to post a list of concerts of history past... (excluding countless local bands)

  • Sugar Ray+Smash Mouth+Radio Iodine- Wichita Ks at the Coloseum

  • Reverend Horton Heat+O'Phil- The Cotillion Wichita Ks
  • Stabbing Westward+God Lives Underwater+The Urge+Two- The Coloseum Wichita Ks
  • Gravity Kills+Course of Empire- The Coloseum Wichita Ks
  • Hum- Wichita Ks
  • Kottonmouth Kings- Wichita Ks
  • Auto Aggression Device (a VERY notable local industrial band in wichita)

  • Korn+Rob Zombie- The Coloseum Wichita Ks
  • George Carlin- Century II Wichita Ks
  • Sammy Hagar (ick ick ick) The Coloseum Wichita Ks
  • Days of the New_Bif Naked- Graham Centeral Station Wichita Ks
  • Primus+Buckethead- The Cotillion- Wichita Ks
  • Black Tape for a Blue Girl- Kirby's Beer Store Wichita Ks

  • Marilyn Manson x2 (Kansas City @ International KC Speedway +Wichita Ks@ Coloseum)
  • Weird Al Yankovich- the cotillion- Wichita Ks
  • System of a Down- the cotillion- wichita ks
  • Reverend Horton Heat- Rita's Uptown Wichita Ks
  • Insane Clown Posse- The Cotillion, Wichita Ks
  • Vanilla Ice- Rita's Uptown Wichita Ks

  • Kittie+Fear Factory- Rita's Uptown Wichita Ks
  • Cruxshadows+Bella Morte- The Broadview Wichita Ks
  • Huey Lewis and the News- Wichita State University Wichita Ks
  • Rollins Band- Rita's Uptown Wichita Ks

  • Gravity Kills- Rita's Uptown Wichita Ks
  • Electric Hellfire Club+Tapping the Vein+Seraphim Shock- Club Inferno Wichita Ks
  • George Carlin- Century II Wichita Ks
  • Tool- The Coloseum Wichita Ks
  • Dave Chappelle- Wichita State University Wichita Ks
  • KMFDM+Pig+Kidney Theives- Somewhere in Tulsa OK

  • Bella Morte- The Cedar Wichtia Ks
  • Cruxshadows+Razorwire Halo- The Royal Too Wichita Ks
  • Lewis Black+Dave Attel- The Cotillion Wichita Ks
  • Steven Wright- The Orpheum Wichita Ks
  • Margaret Cho (blah)- Wichita State University Wichita Ks
  • My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult+Bile- Uptown Theatre Kansas City (Pigface was there too, but I was so goddamned ill I had to leave early)

  • Ministry+Hanzel Und Gretyl- The Granada Lawrence Ks
  • Rasputina- The Bottleneck- Lawrence Ks
  • Bile+God Project- Somewhere in Wichita Ks
  • A Perfect Circle- The Coloseum Wichita Ks
  • Sleatre Kenney- Club 9:30 Washington DC
  • Einsturzende Neubauten- Club 9:30 Washington DC
  • Dave Chappelle- The Cotillion Wichita Ks

  • Razed in Black+Project .44- Davey's Uptown Kansas City
  • Project .44- Westport Beach Club Kansas City
  • Cruxshadows+Ego Likeness- Davey's Uptown Kansas City
  • Moe Rocca- Wichita State University
  • Seraphim Shock- Grand Emporium Kansas City
  • Billy Fawking Idol- The Cotillion Wichita Ks
  • Apocalypse Theatre+High Blue Star- Davey's Uptown Kansas City
  • Rasputina+Dame Darcy+alacartoona- the granada- lawrence ks

  • Legendary Pink Dots- The Grand Emporium Kansas City
  • Gart Numan- The Record Bar Kansas City
  • Ladytron- Granada Lawrence Ks
  • Buckethead+that one guy- the granada lawrence ks
  • Slick Idiot+Asy9+God Project- The Granada Lawrence Ks
  • The Dresden Dolls- Borders Books and Music+The Madrid Kansas City
  • Mindless Self Indulgence- The Beaumont Kansas City
  • Frontline Assembly- The Church Dallas TX
  • (1/5)Depeche Mode+She Wants Revenge- The Starlight Kansas City
  • Nine Inch Nails- Kemper Kansas City
  • GWAR- the beaumont kansas city
  • She wants revenge- the granada lawrence ks
  • The Ditty Bops x2 (Gaslight Tavern Lawrence KS+Grand Emporium Kansas City)
  • Attrition+High Blue Star+The Nascent- The Record Bar Kansas City
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