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Every summer, it seems like there is that one day (or stretch of days) in which we experience unseasonably cool weather (much like in winter, when there is that day of unseasonably warm weather), and today is it it looks like. And of course, it will be followed by months of wretched humidity.

But still. As much as I hate August, I hate Februrary more.

Today I got the car washed. Its stil a bit dirty, But at least the tobacco-dirt smell is out. Ive been scanning the ads in the paper... Given that I have quarterly bonuses+performance bonus+paycheck coming up friday, and with most bills paid up sans rent, Im in line to get some fat billz this week. So yeah, I should have the money to spend on getting a real car. Leading back to the saturn post, I did see one advertised for about 1K... Also, a '94 Altima for 1950.00, and a '92 DeVille for 1600.00, so those do look like interesting buys. Of course, the idea has sprung up in investing in a certified used car at 10K, but right now, a.) I found out that I have one last credit card in collections- Its only 1400, but still, that's probably going to prevent me from getting a loan at the moment, and b.) while I most certainly afford to pay back a loan at a monthly rate with the job that I have, I do not like the job I currently have, and thus, I am in no rush to get back into a position of debt where Im faced with the requirement of keeping said job to pay back said debt. Yes, its doable, but I dont want to do it if I dont have to.

Dad even said he may be able to fix the car, which does leave me in an interesting position. I can either fix up and keep the Impala. Or just invest in something different. On one hand, its a saving in money. But on the other, I really dont have alot of trust in that car anymore, and Im really REALLY wanting to get out of the Buck (WHICH, Ive decided to nickname "Thunderbird", after this... Something classy in its day but now a symbole of the worn out and run down). Ah, so many options.

So yes, here's one possibility- buying a used car, selling Thunderbird to a chop shop or a sucker, and letting dad keep the Impala (since I do still sorta owe him for the transmission from last year)- so that might be doable. Or option 2, if I cant find a good car at a reasonable price, get back into the Impala, give dad Thunderbird, and let him do with it as he wishes. Or c., get a used car, sell Thunderbird, and when/if dad fixes the impala, give him the used car that I would purchess and get the Impala back. So yeah, looks like the possibility of a win-win situation, no matter the option.

Today? Its taco bell (which, after not having a car, being able to purchess fast food in a drive through feels better than it probably should), Ninja Gaiden and Ocerena of Time on Wii, and the Hunter S Thompson movie at Tivoli (assuming its still there, which it should be since that's whats advertised on the site)... Thursday there's a show at Lawrence, and Im not sure if Ill be able to make the drive or not, or If I should even chance it....
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