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Got in about 7ish, but with the two hour jet lag, it felt alot later than it was. The hotel was in a prime spot, only about a block or so away from Disneyland, and not too far off from the major interstate or Airport. So, not really having much energy to do anything that night, I just stayed in, enjoying cable television (which is something of a forgotton luxury of mine) and finding out that I may like House. The next day, I woke up relatively early, and headed west, for the beach. Not really plotting a specifc course, I just took to the road, and wandered towards the west. I accidently wandered into Lynnwwod, Compton and parts of El Seguendo... I think it was along Imperial Highway I was driving on.... The atmosphere wasnt entirely threatening, but not entirely friendly either... like a part of town that you wouldnt have a problem passing through, but god help you if you got stuck there, got out of your car, etc.

Eventualy, I made it to the beach... Hermosa Beach to be exact... and it was beautiful... there was a park with an excellent hilltop view of the beach, a park beautifuly green full of people, and the beach itself... cool, calm, 72 degrees in your head, endless blue in the horizon, skaters, bikers, volleyball, etc etc. Of course I got pleanty of pictures, which was on the SD card that I lost as mentioned earlier. damnit.

So, having experienced the beach, it was off to the north, towards the major parts of the city. I cruised north along I-405, and experienced real LA traffic... which wasnt as bad as I was expecting... I would actualy say that it was slightly less congested and more well managed than certain parts of JoCo. But what really made it feel so uncomfortable were the seemingly abandoned road construction (then again, it was a saturday, so maybe it was their off day), and the Graffitti.... endless, endless graffitti on just about every signpost along the highway... And not the artistic friendly kind, but the kind that says "danger stay out"

yeah, it really did kinda feel like this. Glad I didnt get out of the car.

Eventualy, I exited off of Sunset Blvd, and along the most beautiful roadway I ever did cruise on, complete with all the old hollywood mansions, just like in that one movie. I even drove past Bel Aire too, but no fresh princes though. I even comtemplated buying a map to the stars home things from the local turist trap, but passed on it. Eventualy, I made it to the Beverly Hills/Hollywood shopping areas. And endless billboard polution. Billboards, billboards everywhere... like corporate graffitti instead of gangland graffitti. And it was all fashion and movies (kinda like in the midwest how alot of the billboards are religious drivel from the church of laterday saints). I passed by the Hustler Store (grabbed a picture on the lost card, but didnt stop in), and passed by Amoeba Music along the way, and since that was a planned stop anyway per the recomendations of Ash Luster, I stopped in. It was amazing, picture a place about the size of the average grocery store, filled with music and video and people, and you have Amoeba Music. I ended up finding a few CDs from Toadies and Adult that Ive been looking for for quite some time, and the Prodigy DVD and a Criterion edition of Silence of the Lambs as well. Of course, there was much more to be found, but I didnt want to blow my whole bank on one place after all. Exiting the store, I saw the hollywood sign in the distance, and in front of it, the signpost for the hollywood branch of the Church of Scientology. And I captured the perfect picture of the two signs next to each other. Which was on the lost card. Fuck.

So, with it getting late in the day, I headed back south, to check in to the bats day event. Traffic was thick but managable on the way back. I got in, checked in... I wanted to buy the custom bat-ear hat for the event... they were sold out of the pre=assembled hats, but they had the ears and patch available, I just had to buy the blank hat seperately the next day at Disneyland. I got a packet with admission that had a nifty custom batsday pocketwatch and nifty badge thing. The boutique was mostly clothing, which was a disappointment, given that I was hoping for being able to shop for CDs and video there too. Voltaire was there also, but I didnt bother saying hello or anything, given that I dont particulary care for his music... but I was tempted to go up and let him know that Dhust gives him his regards.... Kent and Vixyn, the celebri-goths from CBS' "Amazing Race" were there too... but as with Voltaire, given that I wasnt that big a fan of either or them, I didnt exactly go up and say hi to any of them either. BUT, I did run into a relative celebrity that I was a fan of. At one table, I found a book on sale from Christy Kane. I looked at the book, and the money taker mentioned that the author was with her, and she was, and I mentioned the hazard county girls , and we had a short conversation about them. I 1st heard of them when I saw them open for Rasputina at the Bottleneck back in '04, and ended up falling in love with their sound.

Now, for those who dont know, Imagine if Melvins and Babes in Toyland got together and produced a child. That child would be the Hazard County Girls. Low, gutteral sludge/grunge rock, with a southern memphis blues feel to it. Im sure Ive played them before on Monday nights, so they may sound familiar. But yes, I highly recomend everyone to check them out (Ill even help and post a link to my favorite song of theirs).

So, after a bit of windowshopping, I cruised down to the local In and Out Burger, because, well, if Quinten Tarrentino likes them, I should at least give them a shot. I cant say that I was very impressed though. Maybe they would be better without the "secret sauce." So I got back to the apartment, napped for a bit, then went back to the event. They started with a raffle, which I didnt win, but I did get the consolation prize, being a Lenore Doll, which I actualy already had one of from way back when in High School, but I kept anyway as a planned gift for a friend. I asked around to see if anyone knew [ profile] yogamary, but couldnt find anyone. The opening act was Gentleman Junkie, a generic EBM metropolis-sound VNV clone band. Then, there was Dead Girl Circus, a typical freak show performance with nailing nails into noses, straws through sinus cavities, and walking on broken glass, and etc. It was a fun show. Then, there were the Coffin Draggers, a pretty damned awesome goth psychobilly punk outfit. By that time though the day was catching up with me, so it was back to the pad, and to sleep for the next day.

Which Ill write about tomorrow.

for now, I did take some pictures of the Ghoulish Gala on my G1. And here they are, salvaged for your pleasure.

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